We have a vibrant youth ministry in our church at present.  Rev. Peter and Mrs. Clara Aduba are mentors to many youths through our telephone ministry, internet and others face to face.  From time to time, we meet with youths to talk about their future, aims and difficulties they face in life.  We have been invited to several homes to do this ministry.  Rev. Peter Aduba works with troubled teens in Touchstone and he uses his background as a pastor to help these teens in so many ways.  To date, both Rev. Peter and Clara have over one hundred teens that we mentor.


We are on the verge of starting a foundation to help troubled teens in the near future.  The money to be donated would be used to help teens in schools, facilities and group homes.


If you are interested in helping us, please e-mail us or telephone us.  All inquiries will be answered and addressed appropriately.