Rev. Dr. Peter Aduba, the Pastor of St. Joseph's Old Catholic Church, was ordained in Nigeria in 1979 as a Roman Catholic Priest.  He studied Canon Law in Rome and received his doctorate in Canon Law in 1988.  He also has a Masters in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans and has been in the USA for the past fifteen years.  Rev. Peter Aduba was a CPE Resident Chaplain at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.  In 2004, he left the Roman Catholic Church and was incardinated (joined) the United Catholic Church.  In 2006, Rev. Peter Aduba and his wife Clara founded St. Joseph's Old Catholic Church which is affiliated to the United Catholic Church.  The United Catholic Church is an Independent Old Catholic Heritage Church and postdenominational fellowship with Bishop Rose Tressel as the Presiding Bishop.  The United Catholic Church is a recognized denomination by the National Council of Churches.  Related website is .  Rev. Peter Aduba's Church falls under the jurisdiction of the diocese of St. Oscar Romero diocese headed by Bishop Hollis Dodge.  We celebrate both in the Pentecostal and Traditional services.  With his experience, Fr. Aduba has much to offer people of all faiths.  Rev. Aduba is involved in the following areas - healing, prayer, bereavement, Baptisms, Marriage and arranging burials.  Most of the priests in the United Catholic Church have jobs to support themselves and their families.  Fr. Peter Aduba was formerly employed as an Adolescent Development Specialist (ADS) with NAFI Touchstone in Litchfield, CT working with young troubled girls.  He was formerly employed as a Human Service Worker with the Alternative Incarceration Center in Torrington, CT.



Clara Aduba, Rev. Peter's wife, is originally from New York, a mother of three children, grandmother of five with experience in grief counseling, intercessory prayers, healing ministry and visitation to the sick and aged.  If you have someone who is sick or homebound, or in a hospital who would like us to visit, please feel free to call and we will be happy to visit them.



Rev. Paul Aduba is the identical twin brother of Rev. Peter Aduba, the Pastor of St. Joseph's Old Catholic Church.  Rev. Paul Aduba attended the University of Nsukka in Nigeria 1971-1975.  He graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Political Science.  In 1987-1988 he had a MSC (Masters of Science) in International Relations.  In 1990 he was the Editor of "News Agency of Nigeria."  Thereafter, he set up a media consultancy firm - BACOMBA Media Consultancy as C.E.O.  In 1997, the Lord called him to the priesthood of the Anglican Church and he was ordained a deacon in 1998.  In 1999, he became a full priest of the Anglican Church.  Today, he is the Founder of the Revival Healing Ministries in Toledo, Ohio and was a supply priest at St. John's Episcopal Church in Bowling Green, Ohio.  He is at present, the pastor of the Anglican Church of the Pentecost in Toledo, Ohio.   He is married to his wife Josephine, a licensed nurse and has two children.  He is the Vice President of St. Joseph's Old Catholic Church in Torrington, CT. 

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