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Great fun at any occassion, Music for all generations, Most
modern equipment, Ice breakers
and games, Experience in the industry
Outdoor/Indoor set-up, Music, Lights, Added Attractions,
Audio Components, Speakers

Light show

Barb Dunakey, Jason Dougherty, Bent & Mindy Waskow, Keith & Deanna Briggs,
Ted & Kendra, Ken & Debbie Harting, US Bank, Jacki & Joel Habinck, Mandy & Ben Engel, Patti Schmitz, Randy Kapler, Merci, Mel, Malou, Sherry, Marline & Evita

Callaway Wedding, Fraternity Party, US Bank Celebration, Kapler Wedding,
Sorority Party, Falb Wedding, Strottman Wedding, Waterloo HS Prom, Waterloo Middle School Dance, Johnson Creek HS Prom, Schaefer Wedding, King Wedding, Mostek Wedding, Schmitt Wedding, Parkhurst Wedding, Smith Wedding, Wroe Wedding, Dabraski Wedding, Strugill Wedding, Grand Family Reunion, Briggs Wedding, Waskow Wedding, Dougherty Wedding, Dunakey~Scheider Wedding