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Q - When is the payment for services due and what methods of payment do you take?

A - A signed contract and $100 deposit is required to hold the date. The deposit applies to the balance due two weeks prior to event. I accept checks, money orders and cash.

Q - How soon before the event will you arrive?

A - I like to get into the venue 3-4 hours before scheduled start

Q - Do you take breaks?

A - No.

Q - Can I choose music to be played at my event?

A - Absolutely! we will setup a date about a month before the wedding for consultation and we will plan everything including music of your choice from dinner music, intro, first dance to bridal party dance, etc. And of course I will be giving some of my suggestions.

Q - Can I tell you specific songs I don't want played?

A - Yes! And if guests request songs you asked not to be played, we will honor your request.

Q - Do you have backup equipment?

A - Yes, I bring extra equipment.

Q - Do you have references I can contact?

A - Yes, almost all of those are on my Testimonials.

Q - Do you provide a written contract for your services?

A - Yes, I send two copies one to be signed and returned with a deposit on my return envelope and the other you keep for your records.

Q - Do you use computer or CD player?

A - I use 2 Laptop computers. Music is stored on two 300gb external Hardrives.  I just bring a few CD's with me.

Q - Will you take requests from our guest?

A - Yes, I always announce that I am taking request before the start of the dance.      

Q - Do you use theatrical lighting or special effect?         

A - Yes, I have High Tech Lighting and sound effect and are all included in the package.

Q - Are there any special needs for the DJs equipment that we need to provide?

A - No you don't have to provide me skirted table I got my own all I need is  source of electricity.

Q - Does the DJ need to be fed at my wedding reception?

A - You don't have to feed me but if offered I will be very greatful.

Q - What does the DJ wear?

A - For most events especially for wedding I wear Tuxedo.


According to a recent survey by The Wedding Channel, the average wedding now costs $15,600. That's as much as a some people's annual salary, a year of college, or a new car. Chances are you have never hired Professional Wedding Entertainment in your life and will attempt to qualify your entertainment by asking ONE question: How much do you charge? Do you really want to trust your memories of a lifetime to the lowest bidder? Instead of seeking the Best Price, you should seek the Best Value. The amount you invest in your entertainment is directly related to the quality you receive, which is directly related to the overall success of your entire wedding day.