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The DJ you will hire for your event is 90% responsible for how well your wedding receptions, dance, party or event goes.  It is important that you know completely what DJ service you have contracted for your event.  The following are details to consider:

1.   DJ Appearance - Your DJ's attire should match the occasion.  As formal occasion equires a dressed up DJ.

2.   DJ Set up - You should know the entire level of service you will receive, A PHOTO of DJ setup, as well as the entire line of equipment offered.  This includes the number of and diversity in lighting to set the mood for your event and the quality of the sound system.  The most important of all ask the DJ if they have equipment back up.

3.   Set Up Extras - What other equipment and services does your DJ offer?  For example: bubbles or fog machines, laser lighting, video equipment, karaoke, or other service extras.

4.   Music Selection - Your DJ should have access to a WIDE VARIETY of music to fit you occasion, as well as the experience to know how to chose music to make your event fun and enjoyable.   Your DJ should NEVER be limited by their music database or selection.

5.   Performance Preview - Your DJ should be able to provide you with either video of the past gigs or provide you the opportunity to preview an upcoming show.  This allows you the ability to know what type of service, sound quality and equipment quality you can expect for your event.  Your DJ should always be proud of the service and equipment they offer their customers.

6.   DJ Accessibility - Your DJ should be available to meet with you.  You should plan to meet with your DJ to get initial information about equipment and services.  In addition,  Your DJ should plan to meet with you one month to a week prior to your event (consultation meeting) to discuss final details, answer questions and to make sure there are no surprises for your special event.

7.   Payment - Your DJ should require a deposit of no more than 20%.  The deposit is necessary to hold the date and secure services.  Final payment is typically paid the week prior to the event or at the final consultation meeting.

One final reminder,  Your event is special.  Whether it is a work party, school dance, birthday party and especially a wedding,  your event is important.  Your DJ should make you and your guests feel like there is no other place they should be, but at your event.  To ensure your event or occasion fun, memorable and successful, be sure to hire the right DJ.