The actual mounting system comprises of two parts, the male taper with latch system, which is attached to the chassis of the vehicle, and the female taper system, which is attached to the base of any detachable unit.

The male section has two guide rails and a locking latch operated by an electric lineal actuator. No modifications are made to the chassis of the vehicle the system is being put on. It is simply secured via bolting through mounting points of the production line chassis. This means that when a vehicle is updated, the system can simply be removed and put on the new vehicle, considering it is the same vehicle type (the system must be adapted for various vehicle makes).

To connect up, all the operator has to do is reverse under the unit, once the unit has reached first stage, a key it turned which activates the locking system. The vehicle is put into neutral, and is automatically pulled under the connecting unit as the male and female tapers firmly and rigidly couple. Once this phase has completed, the freestanding jacks are remotely raised, a single plug for tail lights, electric breaks etc is connected allowing the vehicle to be used. It is so easy, it requires next to no manual effort, its so quick taking 3-5 minutes.

Once the unit is connected, the manner in which the taper and latch systems interconnect, the connected unit adopts the rigidness and stability of the original chassis. It provides even weight dispersal throughout the whole vehicle. It is no different to driving something like a production line sedan. You are NOT towing like a caravan or fifth wheeler, and you are NOT carrying the load like with a slide on.


The other advantage is that, thanks to an extended towbar system, you are able to tow that trailer or boat, the Quick Hitch System® presents the best of all worlds.