Campers, Canopy and Quick Hitch Systems....Problems Solved!



Would you like to dramatically reduce the number of vehicles required

servicing your crew but, increasing the effectiveness and diversity of

your vehicle?

With the ability to reduce your vehicular fleet requirement, consider

the saving on initial purchase, registration, fuel service and insurance etc. 

Do these savings add up to become a considerable expence to your


Would you like a fleet of vehicles that can quickly and easily transform

to suit the job at hand?  Imagine one vehicle with unlimited

connections, does that sound good?

Picture a Dual Cab Crew Carrier with the materials secured

on a full three meter tray behind it. The team gets to the work site

the tray is disconnected as is the on site tool shed which was

towed with a special QHS connection trailor.  Then off goes the vehicle

to do some rounds, leaving the boys with all the gear they need

for the work at hand.  Does that sound like the useful set up

for you and your company?

If you answer yes to anything above, then you must check out

the amazing Quick Hitch System!!!

The future has arrived!!!!!!