Holding to the Biblical
traditions of faith...

What is a "Congregationalist" and what do we believe?


We accept a local church government as binding us to God and to one another.  We express a faith in God, as revealed by the Holy Spirit, through scripture, tradition and personal experience. We are followers of Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives.


We enjoy the freedom of individual conscience and rejoice in the personal responsibility to worship, study, learn and grow . . .free from ecclesiastical authority, pronouncements or creeds.


What do we believe?


We believe in the Trinity . . . God (Creator/Father of Jesus Christ), Jesus (the Son) and the Holy Spirit.


We believe that Jesus is the Lord of life . . . out of gratitude and love, we submit our thoughts, words and all of our talents and resources to God and to Christ since we have been saved.  His teachings are our guidelines for daily living.


We believe that Jesus is the Savior from the penalty of sin . . . He promises victory over death!  We have forgiveness of sin through the power of His love and act on the cross.


We believe that becoming a member of Plymouth is an act of faith and love . . . faith, because we respond to the call of Jesus Christ to community and mission as His disciple, and love, because we pledge to work with other Christians to make God's love known and real in a covenant He calls "the church."  This is a relationship . . . not just a religion.


We believe that Jesus Christ is present whenever
two or more are gathered in his name.