~There are many benefits to taking private lessons. They guarantee that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can develop at a level suited to them individually. Any child who has a strong desire to learn, has good listening skills and has a willingness to practice, are great candidates for lessons. Private lessons are offered in all areas of the performing arts. We have found that private one-on-one instruction allows   students to advance at their own pace and gain the best comprehension of techniques and knowledge. Private lessons are also the fastest way to see growth due to the personal attention that is given.


       ~For private dance sessions, the instructor will be able to key into the student’s specific weaknesses and strengths by seeing how they move. The teacher will then be able to zero in on the techniques the student needs to work on. The student's ability to develop bad habits will lessen. Bad habits can tend to develop quietly in group classes over a period of time because the benefit of a private instructor's watchful eye is focused on many children.


     ~For private acting sessions, students solve personal performance challenges and strengthen their acting skills individually. This one-on-one training is geared to improve specific areas of acting from audition techniques, commercials, cold reading, scene study and monologues. Students build the skills and confidence they need for what ever they desire including personal development and overcoming performance anxiety.

     ~For private music sessions, we have two sections. For instruments, instructors assess the student's level (beginning-advanced), observe their problem areas & strengths, and introduce them to new concepts. For voice, training includes increased power, quality breath control, support, and the ability to use the voice as a communicative instrument. Lessons focus on the student’s ability & interests and builds from there. By strengthening both their weak and strong areas, students will achieve success.
     ~Your child will need to practice between lessons to build a foundation so that their teacher can move ahead in the next lesson.  Without practice, advancement comes to a halt. By understanding what is expected in a lesson, your child can make fast progress and have much more fun as they are learning.
We offer private lessons in:
~ Voice
 ~ Piano
~ Guitar
 ~ Percussion
~ Wind
~ Brass
~ Other Stringed Instruments
~ All Forms Of Dance
~ All Forms Of Acting
*The Private Lessons fees include a minimum of 4 lessons a month (one lesson a week for hour sessions) or 8 lessons a month (two lessons a week for half hour sessions.)