Class Descriptions:
***All Classes Are 50 Minutes                                    
                                            **Limited Space Available                                                          
PARENT & ME (for age 2 & 3)-This exciting class is full of great music, rhymes,
imagery and adorable movement for girls and boys. Your child will develop a sense of rhythm and musicality while having a wonderful time dancing with you!

MIX IT UP (for ages 2-4)-This class is for the very young beginner. Your child will learn basic dance movements designed for their specific age group. Versions of "Old MacDonald", "On Top of Old Smokey", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and "Mary Had A Little Lamb" are just some of the songs we work on. Your little one will interact with other children and gain a sense of teamwork, self-esteem and confidence while being thoroughly entertained.

BABY BALLERINA (for ages 2-4)-In this class, children will learn through creative imagery and role playing rather than the technical approach that is traditionally associated with ballet. Your child will develop their skills in music and movement during the most receptive time in their lives. 

TINY TAPPER (for ages 2-4)-Your child will learn about rhythm and timing as they tap they way across the floor. This class develops gross motor skills, stimulates social interaction and allows them the opportunity to learn an exciting new style of dance.

LITTLE JAZZERCISER (for ages 2-4)-This class is yet another popular alternative dance form that we offer. Not only is it an ideal class for boys and girls with high energy but it is also great for children who just enjoy moving to music. This class will enhance your child's artistic abilities at an early age, and impact their lives by introducing them to more of their creative side.

PRESCHOOL CREATION (JUST FOR GIRLS: ages 3 & 4)-This class is a fun introduction to the basics of dance. We incorporate a Shirley Temple style by merging tap, ballet and jazz into one creative combination while developing your child's imagination, memory and general motor skills.

PRE HIP-HOP (for ages 3-5)-Your child will explore the world of hip-hop through motion and freestyle expression. The dance moves are simple and easy to learn, and this high-energy class will keep your child intrigued as they discover this wonderful style of movement and have fun while doing so.

SUPERHERO STORIES I & II (JUST FOR BOYS: ages 3-5 or 6-8)-This class is full of creative movement, tumbling and imagery. It develops creativity, coordination and self-esteem through improvisation and story lines. Your son will be able to transform into his favorite superhero like Spiderman, Batman, or Superman!  

LIVING ANIMATION (for ages 4-6)-If your child loves cartoons, this is the class for them. With a mixture of movement and improv, our main focus is creativity and imagination. We work on many shows from Sponge Bob to Dora, The Rugrats to Blues Clues, Speed Racer to Scooby-Doo and many others. Your child will feel as though they’ve stepped right into their favorite cartoon!

FAIRYTALE THEATRE I & II (for ages 4-6 or 7-9)-If your child has ever wanted to be a part of their favorite fairytale, they can now bring them to life. Imagine Alice is in Wonderland and comes across the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen! Tinkerbell tries to stop Captain Hook from finding Peter Pan! Robin Hood & his troupe make a plan to get the gold! Aladdin tells the Genie he's ready for wish number one! Your child will have wonderful adventures using movement, imagination and improvisation.
ENCHANTING BALLET I & II (for ages 4-6 or 7-9)-If your child has ever wanted to be a Princess or Prince, they'll love this class. Students can choose from a variety of royals including Snow White, Prince Charming, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Your child will explore elements of ballet, improvisation and their imagination in this wildly interactive dance class. 

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (for ages 5-8)-This class is a great way to discover multiple forms of dance. Students will learn basic jazz, tap and ballet while using imagery and creative movement. A foundation for future success in all three fields will be established through basic ballet positions, the rhythms of taps and the spirit of jazz. Your child's sense of play, individual expression as well as their desire to learn, makes the class soar! 

KIDS HIP-HOP (for ages 6-9)-This class gives your child the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of hip-hop while having fun. Basic techniques and styles will be obtained as they work on choreography that has made this type of dance what it is today.

AFRICAN RHYTHMS (for ages 6-11)-In this class, your child will use their body by incorporating traditional West African movement with basic stretching and dancing. It is geared for all levels to understand and follow. Your child will learn time-honored moves while having an enormous amount of fun.

(JUST FOR GIRLS: ages 5-9 or 10 and up)
-New and unique dance combinations put to music! Your daughter will be her own star as she transforms into this iconic girl and expresses her inner Bella.

(for ages 5-9 or 10 and up)
Your child will be his/her own performer as they move, act, and become one of their favorite characters from the HARRY POTTER phenomenon!  

(for ages 5-9 or 10 and up)
-The Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and The Cheetah Girls are just a few of the many different performing sensations this class will explore. Students will learn new and unique dance combinations put to the music of their favorite Disney songs. They will bring their own artistic talents while discovering alternative routines to the most popular teen celebrities of today.

DREAM BALLET I & II (for ages 5-9 or 10 and up)-For the student who has always wanted to be a ballerina. This class features the seven most popular ballets: Coppelia, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. Your child will take a creative journey and recreate some classic ballets!

DANCE COMBO (for ages 9-12)-In this exciting dance class, we explore imaginative and creative dance themes while incorporating ballet, tap, hip-hop and jazz. We include many styles, improvisation and fun combinations. This class is a sure way to build your child's self-confidence and bring out the artist inside.

HIP-HOP I (for ages 10-13)-This is a high energy class that combines the latest moves in street dance, stepping and funk. Hip-Hop is about creating your own personal style and since it is constantly changing, new styles are regularly incorporated. Unique routines and moves make this class very exciting.

JAZZ I (for ages 10-13)-This is a wonderful way to just let loose. The heart of this class is based on rhythm and getting the body relaxed. By working on energetic and creative combinations, your child will gain a sense of accomplishment. Students shine while they are learning and developing their fun routines.
BALLET I (for ages 10-13)-This class is structured to nurture each student as they begin their journey into the world of ballet. They will learn the basic positions, the concept of repetition and start developing balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and proper body alignment.

LYRICAL I (for ages 10-13)-This class is a combination of jazz and ballet. Emphasizing technique and expression through music, we also focus on developing strength, control and flexibility. Students will learn to communicate themes or moods of contemporary music through movement.

TAP I (for ages 10-13)-So many children love the sound of taps and can't wait to get up and dance. They find it exciting to learn a "musical instrument" with the help of their tap shoes. Rhythm, timing, tap steps and great routines are the foundation of this class.

YOGA I (for ages 10-13)-This class encourages self-expression and also builds social skills. Children will develop inner and outer strength and learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Your child will truly enjoy this energy releasing class.


BELLY DANCING I & II (for ages 10-13 or 14-17)-This is a very exciting and unique class! Students will focus on not only techniques but a whole new world of dance.  This class will also allow them to explore and develop individually and creatively. To have the opportunity to have great fun while being challenged at the same time, will make for memorable times.

CULTURAL HIP-HOP (for ages 12-17)-This class combines an intense workout with strong cultural components. Students will learn where hip-hop originated from and how it has evolved into the dance styles of today. Not only will they have many new routines to practice but they will feel energized and exhilarated after working on moves from this captivating community.

TEEN IMPROV (for ages 13-17)-In this class, students will explore different types of improvisation. They will focus on improving and sharpening their skills by utilizing theatre games, group exercises and scene work. They will learn to relax and react on stage while creating a scene that centers on their environment, character and relationships. Students will continue to develop their teamwork and listening skills while stimulating their imagination, strengthening their acting choices and thinking on their feet.

TEEN JAZZ (for ages 14-17)-The main focus in this class is on rhythm,  getting the body loose and working on routines. By creating energetic, fun combinations, students can put what they are learning to the test. This fast paced class helps with relaxation yet keeps that sense of creativity and imagination that we strive for.

TEEN BALLET (for ages 14-17)-
Students will sharpen their skills as they focus on technique. Terminology, the concept of repetition and proper body alignment are the foundation of this class. Proper positioning, balance, strength, coordination and flexibility will be worked on which will contribute to their growth as dancers.

TEEN LYRICAL (for ages 14-17)-This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz set to modern music. This dance style will challenge students to use their body to interpret songs and express emotion. Students will work on dance techniques and incorporate a variety of different styles into their choreographed pieces.

TEEN HIP-HOP (for ages 14-17)-A major component of hip-hop is about creating your own personal flair. Along with moves such as street dancing, funk and stepping, this class is a winner. Since this style of dance is constantly changing, new steps are added on a regular basis. Exciting and challenging routines contribute to this highly energetic workout.

TEEN TAP (for ages 14-17)-In this class, students will develop their skills as tap dancers. They will focus on terminology, rhythm, timing, and combinations. Enthusiasm and energy are transparent as the dance routines are worked on.

TEEN YOGA (for ages 14-17)-In this class, students will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization exercises. They will strengthen their bodies and minds by working on different yoga postures and relaxation techniques. This is a wonderful way to let go of all the tension that builds up in their lives.

NURSERY SCHOOL CHORUS (for ages 3-5)-This is a wonderful way for your child to sing in a group with other children their age. Using tambourines, triangles, cymbals and their voices, students will work on “The Wheels On The Bus”, “The Muffin Man”, “Frere Jacques", “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and many other songs. Your child will have so much fun singing and playing different instruments as they learn how to work together to become a musical ensemble.

BROADWAY BOUND (for ages 3-5)-For the child who loves to be center stage! Students learn a variety of kid-friendly Broadway shows through upbeat 
dance steps and songs. As they work on the dance moves, they will also have big smiles across their faces as they sing out "Broadway Style" to the great tunes of the musicals chosen. Your child will have a ball as they ham it up and discover some of the wonders of musical theatre.

Students will work on pieces from The Sound of Music, The Lion King, The Music Man and other fun, entertaining musicals. They will get to create characters through improvisation and learn exciting dance routines and songs. Your child will be crazy for this class!

INTERMEDIATE MUSICAL THEATRE (for ages 10-13)-There is nothing like the enthusiasm of working on a piece from a musical. Shows such as Wicked, Guys & Dolls, Cats and more are incorporated into this exhilarating
class. Students will get to create characters through improvisation and learn exciting dance combinations and songs. Your child will be so involved, they won't believe how the time flies by!

In this class, students will work on pieces from West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Hairspray and many others. They will create characters by learning about each show and working on short scenes. They will be taught exciting combinations, songs and develop their skills as true musical theatre performers.

IMPROV I & II (for ages 5-8 or 9-12)-This is an exciting class that fosters and develops clarity in speech, originality and imagination. Your child will work on many components of the theatre including articulation, pronunciation, inflection and observation. Through storytelling, role-playing and a variety of creative and entertaining activities, students will learn to express emotions and feelings like true thespians!

BEGINNING THEATREWORKS (for ages 6-9)-Your child will explore the basics of acting and begin to understand the world of an actor. The class will focus on monologues and short scenes written for kids their age. Your child will begin to develop the skills necessary to break down a script and make it their own.

The main objective of this class will be the development and fundamentals of acting. Your child will learn how to turn a script into a piece that is a part of who they are. They will work on scenes and monologues and recognize the importance of being observant, listening to what is being said and most importantly, having fun with this extremely artistic process.

In this class, students will focus on the essential techniques of the theatre. They will work on different acting exercises, monologues, scenes, how to break down a script, character development, character analysis, improvisation and being aware of their surroundings. Everything that they work on, will greatly contribute to their growth as actors.

PRE IDOL (for ages 6-9)-This class is a great way to introduce your child to auditioning, working independently, preparing their own material and gaining self-esteem. Children will perform for their peers each week after practicing their song/routine at home. The instructor will then only give positive feedback on what they have done and give them some pointers that they can work on for the next week. This is an entertaining spin on American Idol and will leave your child loving the spotlight!

BE YOUR OWN AMERICAN IDOL I & II (for ages 10-13 or 14-17) -If your child is crazy about American Idol and loves the audition and performance process (minus Simon), then they will love our take. Students will learn songs, come up with their own moves, work on self-discipline, learn how to rehearse and gain self-confidence. The structure of the class is that students will pick songs that they like and know from different genres and work on various parts from week to week. At home, they will practice their song and create their own movements to be “judged” the following week in class. Every week each student will come prepared with the chorus or verse of their song and any movement that they have come up with. As a united class, we will only give positive reinforcement on each piece. For every class, students will add on to their song until they have their finished product. All final performances will then be videotaped, and each individual student can only purchase their own copy to watch and enjoy.