*(The following are opened to anyone looking to stay in shape, continue their training or just to take a class for enjoyment...                                                              ...Private Lessons are also available in all areas.)














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                          *ADULT CLASS DESCRIPTIONS*

-ADULT YOGA: In this class, you will learn how to focus and center yourself through various breathing and visualization exercises. You will strengthen your bodies and minds by working on different yoga postures and relaxation techniques. This is a wonderful way to let go of all the tension that builds up in your lives.

ADULT IMPROV: Focusing on originality and imagination, you will work on many components of the theatre in a variety of creative and entertaining ways. You will explore different types of improvisation, work on relaxation techniques and strengthen your abilities in many different areas of acting.

ADULT PILATES: Emphasizing the body’s core, you will develop strength, flexibility and endurance while improving posture, alignment and balance. This class will lengthen and strengthen your muscles to create a toned body by focusing on the abdominal area, lower back and hips. Get ready to notice a difference in yourself!

ADULT HIP HOP: You will get quite a workout in this class as you work on the newest moves and styles in hip hop. Different techniques and dances will be taught in this high-energy class as you work on various routines combining vigorous movement and freestyle expression.

ADULT BALLET: Basic positions, balance, strength, coordination and proper body alignment are the elements included in this class. All of these rudiments will contribute to keeping your posture and body working to the best of its capacity.

ADULT MUSICAL JAZZ: The heart of this class is based on rhythm and getting the body relaxed. This is a wonderful way to just let loose. You will be working on lively and creative choreography with a variety of music that will keep you yearning for more.

ADULT STRETCH & FLEX: In this class, you get to focus on your muscles that don’t usually get the chance to stretch and help heal troubled muscles in you body. As you are working on the many different areas, you will also increase your strength, balancing ability and flexibility.

ADULT TAP: The foundation of this class is rhythm, timing, tap steps and great routines. Enthusiasm and energy will be transparent as you improve your technique and work on fun combinations.

ADULT CARDIO COMBO: You will be combining many different forms of dance in this fat burning class. Working on creative dance themes while incorporating ballet, tap, hip-hop and jazz are the ways we’ll get your heart pumping!

ADULT SWING & JIVE: In this class, the instructor will demonstrate, explain and teach you to lead and follow so that you can dance anywhere, with anyone rather than just learning steps that can only be done with your partner. You will be taught how to go from one dance position to another, how to do left turns, right turns, underarm turns and more. Get ready for the time to fly by in this exhilarating class!

ADULT LATIN GROOVE: The powerful spirit of this class will definitely come out as you begin to learn the different latin cultures while exploring dances such as salsa, tango, flamenco and more. This class will surely keep you on your toes!