"Tears Have A Heart Of Their Own" (c) 

                                                                                         By Genevieve


Tears have a heart of their own.
You can't tell tears when to start or when to stop.
They flow when they feel like it.                                                                   
They stop when they've gotten their point across.
Tears have an emotional depth that we can't begin to understand.  
Their passion, happiness or pain, exceeds the quantity humans can handle.
Tears make us scream with joy or break apart in pain. 
Whether we want them to flow or not, they do as they please.                     

Tears embarrass us, lift us up, encourage us or just leak for the sake of letting go. 


My heart fell in love. I've never been in love before. Unfortunately it's with an impossible situation.

I'm in love with George Peppard, Jr.  That gorgeous man is no longer one this side of existence.

I fell in love with him last year 2021, 27 years after he crossed over to the other side. 

No, I'm not star struck or delusional...Maybe a bit delusional, but definitely and deeply in love . 

A psychiatrist would have a field day with this one. Never the less, I'm enjoying loving

George Peppard and the thrilling life we have together in my mind and heart.

Without the love I feel for him, I would have never known what it's like to be in love. It feels great! What isn't great is not having him.