Lincoln Ashe Presents:   




                                                           " Your Eyes " 

Your eyes tell me a story,

of things great and small.

They tell me when you are hurt.

and when you don't want to be bothered,

by someone who really cares.

who wants to chase away all your fears,

and to dry all your tears.

There are times when you are lonely,

and your eyes are filled with fear.

I just want to tell you ,

I will always have a listening ear.

There are times when your eyes are filled,

with anger.

When you are happy,

your eyes are nice and bright.

that's how I see you,

what a beautiful sight.

Don't ever hide your eyes away from me,

they are beautiful and I want to see.

Your eyes tell me how you are feeling day by day.

They also tell me when I should stay away.


                                                                                         " Guardian Angel "

 I am with you day and night,

keeping you safe and sound with all my might.

I fill your night with special dreams,

not with the ones that make you scream.

These dreams are filled with a special love.

They come to you from God up above.

There is someone who feels strongly about you,

Who had these dreams specially sent to you.

These dreams are filled with skies of blue,

of you and this man, smiling the whole day through.

            I am here to let you know this man is true

he also wants to spend more time with you.

The dreams of you walking hand in hand,

walking and talking with this very special man.

When it's raining and you feel depress

fall asleep and I will show you why this man is best.

Being your Guardian Angel is very hard work to do.

How hard, you haven't got the slightest clue.

Keeping you safe and sound,

is the greatest job I ever found.


                                                                               " The Love I Showed You " 

The love I showed you was a caring one.

A love that had some laughter and pain

I gave you a love that had no boundaries or limitations.

The love I showed you had no special qualifications or

requirements you had to meet.

The love I showed you overlooked faults and weakness.

but yet remain strong to stand on your own two feet.

When you sit down and think about me when I am gone.

            Do not think about how long

         I will be gone or where I have   gone

Just think of how much I loved you.

If I was to pass away suddenly, leaving all minds and hearts

wondering, remember this one thing

"I loved being loved by all those who

loved  me".

But do not come to see me wearing colors of black and gray

and veils to hide you face from me.

Come to see me with a smile on your face and a promise

in your heart that you shall see me again.

You will not see me as I am here.

You shall see me again with

bright eyes open and arms outstretched waiting for you to come




                                                                                         "Finding the Words to Say" 

How can I find the words to say?

To say how we miss you here today

 No one will never really see.

What you truly meant to me.

You will never really know.

How much we loved you so. 

You will always be in our hearts.

A light shining in the dark.

That gives our life a little spark. 

Although right now we are sad and blue.

we will truly miss you. 

The tears may fall.

We will miss you most of all 

The things you have done

and your smile

which made living worth while