Dedicated to: Families of Slain Children


                        " Thank You Lord "           by Vanessa Barton

I know I said some evil things

the day my son deceased

I know his life was in your hands

but why was this pain in me unleashed


Lord I am a good sheep

the best me I can be

I know we shouldn't ask why but I need to know

why was this tragedy placed upon me


Lord that was my baby boy

the end of my child-bearing years

Though you blessed me with two I would never have known

that one day his birth would end in my tears


But you always provide something to be thankful for

and I must thank you Lord

Instead of leaving my baby in a vegetative state

you took him home and made him void


And as you take me through this test

you bless me once again

You give his life back to me through my grandchildren

once again his cycle begin


This also placed pain upon my oldest son

which also breaks me down

I guess that was to bring us closer together

at least, that is the answer that I found


But Lord I want to thank you for the 21yrs

you entrusted his life to me

I just pray you lift this feeling of pain and hurt

and let my heart run free.