On Being Addicted To Anything          by An Alcoholic


On one of the self help sites, a woman was saying that her clinical instructor said that

people who drink to much are just selfish and have no self control.


She's a liar. A self centered jerk who is totally ignorant about the nature of addictions.


People who drink too much are NOT selfish or without self control.

It's an addiction!    Not a choice.


No one chooses to be addicted to anything!   And no one knows what they'll become

addicted to.  Whether it's alcohol, drugs, sex, being mean, abuse, revenge, criminal

activities, porn, internet, gaming, talking to much, lying, gambling, eating, not eating,

running/walking/exercising excessively, working to much...none of us knows!


We can choose to not drink, but we can't choose to not be addicted!

There is a huge difference!!

The addiction 'itself' will still be there, even if we never drink alcohol again.


And every time we choose to not drink, that's a moment of extreme self control that the  instructor is obviously ignorant about! Even if that self control only lasts for an hour, a day or a week or forever, fighting an addiction takes everything we can muster!