Tales From A Woman's Prison                  


“ Between A Rock and A Hard Place “      by Sally Williams


That bitch what’n shit! Even her name fit her to a tee; She pronounced it “ Do-Gee”, but the rest of us called her “DOG”!  


Most women are here for drugs and drug related crimes. And most ain’t shit either, but Dog stood out as one of the worse. She’d do anything for drugs; including steal her best friend’s boots and blame it on me. She stole the boots and sent ‘em out by her girlfriend, who got released on parole.  


Dog had a 2 year sentence, I had to do 5 years straight. Since I wasn’t going nowhere, no time soon, why would I steal boots I couldn’t wear? I don’t steal anyway, but if I did, I couldn’t wear the boots without everybody knowing who they belonged too. Dog didn’t think about that when she lied on me. Dog didn’t think about anything, except drugs.


Unfortunately we lived in the same building, so I couldn’t avoid her completely, but I tried really hard. That bitch was bigger and meaner than me, so confronting her about the lie was out of the question. Best to keep to myself until the whole thing blew over.


When her girlfriend didn’t visit, didn’t sneak drugs in for Dog, I guess she kinda lost her mind. Not that she had far to go……


The commotion started about 9:30 that night. First, several male guards came busting through the front door. They ran upstairs, while the female guards were frantically trying to count each inmate and herd us back in our rooms. Unlike men’s prison, we don’t have cells with bars. We have regular rooms, bars on the windows and doors that lock manually. So the task of getting us in our rooms, when we wanted to know what was going on, wasn’t easy.


We found out that Dog wanted drugs so bad that her and another woman named Carolyn, had escaped earlier! They had less than one year left, but decided to escape, rather than wait.


Next we heard loud sirens. 4 red fire trucks raced across the grass, headed for a long section of the fence that surrounded the prison. As we crammed to see what was going on outside, a bright spot light came on. DAMN!!!!


There was Dog and Carolyn, stuck on top the 9 foot wire fence! They didn’t escape after all. In fact, one of them was dangling off the top, suspended in mid air. A piece of her clothes had got caught in the 3 layers of bob-wire. The other one was actually on the top of the fence, straddling the bob-wire and screaming! 



That was the funniest shit I’d ever seen. This was worse than when a robber gets stuck in a chimney; at least he’s hidden. Dog and Carolyn were in full view, with that big ass spotlight shining on them.


The firemen put ladders on the fence and slowly got them down. Once back on land, they were handcuffed and led off to prison…..Oh that’s right, they were already in prison.