" A Dog Hit Me On Top Of My Head "        by Sue Ellen Beasley

We weren't suppose to, but people let their dogs run free on Ft. Lauderdale beaches, including me.  I had a beautiful black and white girl that everyone loved. 

She enjoyed the beach as much as I did. After visiting everyone, she'd amuse herself by burying her ball in the sand, then digging it up again.  Usually we'd walk for an hour, but that day I sat in the sand, day dreaming about owning an ocean front property.

I saw a huge , beautiful chocolate Great Dane go over to my girly. Compared to him, she looked like a little puppy even though she was full grown. Both of them turned to look at me, as if my girl was telling him that I was her human.

Having gotten praise from her and others on the beach, Mr. Great Dane decided to come over and show me how magnificent he was.  He strutted in front of me, around me, pausing to make sure I got a full view. No response. He was not happy or use to being ignored, so he went behind me.

He raised his giant paw and hit me right on top of my head. PLOP!

"Hey you", I said softly, "that's not the way to get my attention."

I slowly raised my arms, put my hands under his chin and tickled him, all the while talking to him gently.

Everyone who saw him hit me, was still gasping, not knowing what would happen next. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his human running towards us, but I didn't panic. I knew he was a good boy and tame, but panic might cause him to attack me. I kept telling him what a pretty boy he was and he loved that.

I continued to gently stroke him until he sat down beside me. Even sitting, his head towered over mine. By the time his human reached us, apologizing, we were good buddies. Mr. Great Dane was satisfied that he was still Mr. Big Stuff and all the ladies loved him; animal and human ladies. I said good by to him as his human put him on a leash and led him away. No doubt he'd get a good scoulding and I felt sorry for him. After all, he only wanted my attention and the praise that a beautiful doggie like him deserved. 

Sensing that I needed her near, my girly came running and sat down beside me. As I petted her, reminding her that she was the prettiest girl on the beach, I went back to day dreaming about owning ocean front property. All in all, it had been a good day. Except for the glob of sand on the top of my head.