( A Girl talking to her Mother )  

  Remix:       “ Take  Back Time "      by Ja

If I could, I'd go back and make your childhood bright
I'd Take Back Time, erase the pain so you could sleep at night
If I could, I'd even be your mother and help you grow up right
I'd laugh with you, cry with you and often hold your hand

I wouldn't make the same mistakes they did; I’d try not to let you down
And when you trip and fall, I'd be there to lift you off the ground
Sometimes I’d let you pick yourself up, so you can start again
I’d always be by your side, as your mother, as your friend

When times get rough, we'd be strong and fight the world together
Yet be gentle enough to hold babies with a touch of a feather
A woman can fly higher than the limits that are set
Her spirit can glide smoother than a man-made jet

All these things and much more, I'd teach you in a loving way
Because learning to respect yourself and others is the best way
Then there's integrity, an element  that makes a woman great
It means always doing the right thing and being first rate

I'd show you how to be clean, decent and honest, so others respect you too
They'd say, "There goes a good woman", and I'd smile because it's true

I'd Take Back Time if only I could, I'd make others do what they should
But I can't do that and I can't be your mom, I can't always keep you calm
I can say “I love you” when you're sad
And you can do the same for me, you can make me glad. 

Ok, so your childhood wasn’t perfect, but we can do it right
We'll set a better example and everyone will see our light
But if not, I still have to live my life and pass this wisdom on
People will say, "There goes a good woman" and I'll smile because it's true
Cause you see Mom, I’m gonna make it, with or without you.