" How Do You Grow "              Expressions by:  Empress Jesseacah  

How do you grow in what suppose to be a lovin and positive atmosphere and still get corrupt?

Now that’s some shit. When the only men role model who could at least pretend to love you…

Instead VIOLATES you and another young close one too.!!!

WHAT THE BUMBACLAT (fuck) TO DO!!! How do you grow to manifest positively from all this fockery; JAH RASTAFARI THE FIRST….Ya see we as black people would know our own original culture if it weren’t fa slavery. So all these tings been forced pone me, pone we, literally my role model and you Babylonian bastards who violate we. Damnation pone those who seek the intention of destruction pone the youngth of JAH today. How do ya grow when even yo motha is troubled and mangled in this same wickedness, all while bein surrounded by who in which is suppose to be this honorable and loyal; some military man- bumbaclat pervert, some bottie boy at heart cause him was violated at young. Let that be the reason. So I say, brake the cycle of strife and wicked, just cause that happen to you. Don’t mangle yo wickedness into yo loved ones; at least the ones who suppose to be of the loved. Above all mind control is how you got way SCOTT Free THEN…, But if the little princess who has now grown gets the courage, what he thought was Scott Free won’t be in the 21st century….