“ Mr.  Lee “              by Vernon Wilmer


I first met Mr. Lee in 1986, in D.C., on Columbia Road, across from Safeway grocery store. He was standing in one spot, making grunting sounds that went right through me. I went up to him to see if he was sick. We made eye contact and before looking away, Mr. Lee told me he was ok. Then he shuffled along down the street, still grunting and looking down.


I went inside the bakery to inquire about him. The elderly lady behind the counter had known him for many years. She told me his name and his life story.


Mr. Lee had been a high ranking government employee for over 20 years. He had a beautiful home and a beautiful wife. They didn’t have any kids, so they could use their money to enjoy life and go on lavish vacations. 



A lot of women wanted him because he was handsome, had a lot of money and was well respected. But he was faithful to his wife and they were often seen walking together, playing basketball at the park and dancing at clubs.


Mr. Lee was also generous; he helped anyone he could and got summer jobs for teenagers to keep them out of trouble.  Yes, he was well respected and set the right example for others to follow.


He had just retired; his office gave him a big going away party. He was finally out the door for good. He had already listed his home for sale and they planned to spend the rest of their life in sunny Florida….buy a small house on the water and a boat so they could sail anytime they wanted.


Filled with visions of their new life, Mr. Lee went home to finish his retirement celebration with his wife and have friends over later that evening.                                                                                 


When he climbed the stairs to take his suit off, he heard strange noises in one of the bedrooms. Thinking it was his wife in there cleaning up, he opened the door. It was his wife, but she wasn’t cleaning up.


His beautiful wife was.....(to be continued)


His beautiful wife was…..was in the bedroom, but she wasn’t cleaning up the room.


She was having hot passionate sex with another man. They were so deep into their lust that they didn’t hear Mr. Lee drive up, come in the house or walk up the stairs.


Standing there listening to their grunts and groans, looking at his wife on top of a strange man, having sex with him in a way that she never consented to do with him, Mr. Lee lost his mind. 


By the time the strange man saw Mr. Lee standing there and nudged the wife to turn around, it was too late. Mr. Lee was gone. Standing before them was just a shell of the man who used to inhabit his body.


Mr. Lee slowly turned around, went down the steps and out the door. He never came back.


His oldest brother found out what happened and settled Mr. Lee’s affairs for him. Sold his home, giving half the money to his wife, as the law required and putting the rest in a trust fund, along with his pension. His brother made sure that only he and Mr. Lee could access the trust fund. He took good care of his brother….well the best he could under the circumstances.


You see, Mr. Lee took to wandering the streets. He didn’t bath and he wore the same suit he had on the day he caught his wife with another man. Every time his brother found him and brought him back home, he’d wander off again. In a desperate attempt to make sure he  got help when he needed it, his brother put a bracelet on him that said who to contact in case of an emergency.


Mr. Lee quickly became just another homeless man on the streets of D.C.  When I met him that day, he had been on the streets for over 5 years.


He doesn’t bother anybody, doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t ask for money, but he will thank you if you’re kind enough to offer him money or food. Then he shuffles along, in his ragged suit and tore up shoes, making those grunting sounds that go right through you.


The lady in the bakery said he was mimicking the sounds he heard his wife making, while she was having sex with that man.