"The Thinker" statue by Auguste Rodin


                               " By Anonymous "                     by Lester J. Krandall

I'm a nice guy, but if you get me wrong, I do what I have to do. A man can only take so much before he goes off. For months, nasty neighbors had been bothering me. I had put up with their bullshit long enough; it was time to take action.

I was about to teach them RESPECT; a lesson they'd never forget. Let's just say this lesson was so severe that it involved jail time, if I got caught. The key was to plan it so I didn't get caught and they got what they deserved.

Just as I was about to put my plan into action, I read something that changed my mind completely. It was a quote in my Black History material. It was the last day of February and the quote seemed to jump out at me.  It said:

" Guard your thoughts, For your thoughts produce words, Guard your words, For your words produce action, Guard your actions, For your actions produce character, Guard your character,
For your character produces your destiny."
  - Anonymous

Suddenly all the rage dissipated. I decided right then and there that my destiny is to be the best I can be; not the worse that people could make me become.