" Shake, Rattle and Roll "                     by   BettyBoo             


It really does get harder to shake, rattle
and roll as we get older. The other night,
I was in the middle of a particularly good
'shake' when my hip felt like it wanted to
'roll'...roll over to a chair and sit down!

Just like any diva, I played off the pain,
and faded into a 2 step til the song was over.
Half limping, but in a sexy way, I made it
back to my table.

My intent was to sit it out until the stitch
in my side went away. But just then, my jam
came on and I jumped up with the vigor of a
18 year old. Forget the pain, I was in my
element. I am a dancing fool.

However, instead of going 'side to side' as
R. Kelly was telling us to do, my ankle
went north and south. Recovery was not
an option. Screaming in pain was and I did.

Everyone thought my scream was one of
enjoyment, so they started screaming too.
I gracefully exited the dance floor with
the favor of the crowd on my side.
When I say gracefully exited, I really mean
I hobbled off with tears in my eyes, wincing
at every move, as a friend helped me to my truck.

Back at home, I soaked my ankle in a pail of
hot water with Epson Salt, lit a joint and
wondered where the years had gone.


(The original "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by the famous Big Joe Turner in 1954     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE0tjVleQYU )