“ Whose Crying Now ”             by Leroy Kasner 

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, Rebecca gets sick.
She uses drugs, goes back to stripping in clubs and ends
up in a mental institution by Christmas. Around Jan. 5, she
gets released and goes back to living her life.

For 10 months out of the year, she is a responsible, hard
working, sober, young mother with 2 beautiful children. Then
the holidays roll around, and all her hard work is shot to hell !


Toni loves children. She’s young, attractive, and has 3 kids
of her own. She doesn’t mind babysitting other people’s kids
either, when they need to go somewhere. She has a kind heart.

Toni also uses drugs and is very self destructive. No matter
what she’s eating, she saturates it with salt. Just seeing her
pour that much salt on her food, made my stomach turn!

Yes, she loves children and she loves her kids....except the
oldest one. The boy is only 7 years old, nice manners,
handsome little child and he obviously adores his mother.
But she treats him like she despises the sight of him.


Theresa was diagnosed with personality disorder. She's 
been in and out mental institutions since she was 13 years
old. She also did a year in prison for selling drugs. Now she’s
23, living on her own and fighting for her life.

Theresa also has a drug problem. She goes to drug counseling,
AA meetings and stays clean most of the time. Every now and
then, she has a relapse. You can  tell when she's  high; she 
picks her face and ears. She doesn’t stop until her ears are
bleeding and her face has small holes in it.

I use to live cross the street from her. One day, I called her
over to give her some extra food I had. She doesn‘t eat when
she’s using drugs. When I saw how dirty and mangled her ears
were, I knew she had been on a binge. She had been high for
weeks, instead of a just a couple of days.

She said foster care was letting her have her child, now that
she had a place to live. She had worked so hard to get her
child back, but now she was blowing it by staying high.

Theresa’s child is 10 years old and has been in and out of
foster care since she was an infant. Theresa got pregnant
when she was 13 years old. She told her mother who the
father of her baby was, but her mother didn’t believe her.
And she refused to help her daughter take care of the baby.

Instead of helping her daughter, the mother called the state
and had the baby placed in foster care. She told them Theresa
had mental problems and was a danger to the child. Then she
signed Theresa over to a mental hospital, for an extended stay.


Rebecca gets sick during the holidays because that’s when
her mother’s boyfriend severely beat her, raped her and kept
her tied up for almost a month. She was only 9 years old when
that happened.

Her mother finally figured out where her boyfriend was keeping
Rebecca and called the police. The man had beat and raped her
so bad that she almost died. The police got to her just in time.


Toni doesn’t like her oldest son because her uncle is his father.
Her uncle was huge, 6’4, weighed about 300 lbs and was almost
30 years old. Toni was 5’3, 98 lbs and only 10 years old when he
came to stay with her mother. The uncle molested her many times
and she told her mother but the mother refused to believe her
brother would do such a thing. She called Toni a liar, said she
just wanted attention.

Then one day, the mother came home early and her brother
had Toni tied to the bed, raping her. Toni was screaming and
crying but since their house sat back off the road, no one heard

When her mother walked in on that terrible scene, she rushed
to the kitchen, got a heavy frying pan and busted her brother
up side the head. Knocked him out cold!

He was arrested, and would spend the rest of his life in and
out of prison. He never bothered Toni and his sister again but
he did rape other little girls. Toni got pregnant from the rape
and had his son.

Now she makes the little boy pay for what his father did to her.


Theresa’s baby was also by her uncle. Her mother’s favorite
brother. Of course he denied raping Theresa and her mother
believed him over her own daughter. To shut Theresa up, she
had her placed in a mental institution after her baby was born.

Theresa asked the doctors at the institution if they could
order a d&a test to prove her uncle was the father, so she
could press charges against him. They agreed to help and
called the police to investigate. The uncle refused to take the
test. He called Theresa crazy and her mother backed him up.
She told the police that Theresa lies, she had sex with a lot of
boys and that’s how she got pregnant.