"  Where Are The Flowers?  "             by Ja

The Chesapeake Bay is shaped like a penis.
I call him Atlantic Ocean's "Baby Boy".
The Gulf Of Mexico is shaped like a womb. 
I call her the Atlantic's "Baby Girl". 

If I'm not near the Atlantic, I feel off balance. It took me a while to figure that out, so now I make sure I'm only an half hour or so from the ocean and walking distance to a river, lake or large creek. After all my sign is Cancer, the Crab, so it makes sense that I need to be near water all the time. 

The best sleep I've ever had was when I was 12 years old. I went to a hidden slice of beach on the Atlantic Ocean, spread out my towel and laid down. I was wearing my favorite lime green bikini, so I knew I was cute.

I was alone, it was quiet and peaceful. The moment I heard the soft waves, I fell asleep. That was around 8 am. 

When I finally woke up, it was after 6 pm. I woke up slowly and naturally, stretched and felt amazing. Suddenly I was fully awake and looked up.

My tiny private beach was filled with people! Music blaring, kids running around, balls being thrown, dogs barking, people talking, laughing, barbecues sizzling and hordes of people swimming. 

Every inch of that beach was covered, except the few feet around me. It was as if they didn't want to disturb me. I quickly got up, grabbed my towel and escaped under the fence, the same way I got in.

As I walked home, I couldn't believe all those people descended on the beach, making all that noise and I didn't hear a thing. I guess it's true; a bomb could have went off and I wouldn't have known it.

That was the first time and last time I slept that peacefully and that long. Just like on the beach, life came at me very fast, when I least expected it. Now if I hear a noise, I wake up on a dime. So much for the innocence of youth.

Anyway, I still love the Atlantic. I just don't go to sleep on beaches anymore.