“ Visiting Day At  Any U.S.  Prison "     by Stacy 

It was cold, snow on the ground and I was the last one of a long line of visitors trying to get inside prison to see their loved ones. There were lots of kids there to see their daddy; a lot of mothers there to see their sons, and sisters going to see their brothers. What was missing was the men. Out of all the people waiting in that long line, only a couple of them were men. They were older men, so I assumed they were the fathers of men in prison.

We were allowed to bring Xmas packages.  Since the guards had to check each package, it took over an hour to get inside. Some of the younger, sassy women started complaining and asking the guards to hurry up. One guard got pissed and told them to  keep it down or they wouldn’t be allowed in at all.

“I have a right to see my baby’s daddy!”, one lady said.

That struck me as sad and pathetic. I just had to speak up.

“If these men would stop committing crimes, we wouldn’t have to wait in the cold like this. They should be out here helping their kids! It’s a damn shame so many kids have to go to prison to see their daddy! Instead of being mad at the guard, we should be mad at them for committing crimes in the first place! I’m sick of it!”

“What you talking bout? You in line just like the rest of us.”

I just shook my head and waited.

P.S. There are over 2 million men in prisons across America. That's the highest number in any country!  Isn't it time we spoke up?