“ Today, Please Call Tomorrow ”        by Dixie Lancaster 

I’m gonna have Today call Tomorrow

and plead my case.


Today failed to make my dreams come true,

Despite how hard I worked for it Yesterday.

Today can give Tomorrow a head’s up,
Let her know I’m on my way,
She can have
my happiness ready in the next 24 hours.  

Today can tell Tomorrow exactly how I want my life;

Over easy, a side of laughter and a slice of good health.

I want my friends to be honest, so feel free to weed out the skanks. 

I must have several acres on the river, a spacious home, but not too big.          


A garden that produces food all year round
And a yard filled with blooming flowers and trees.   

Throw in some good stuff for those I love and keep us safe from harm.

If you can take care of that Today, I’m sure I’ll love Tomorrow.