" The Susan Smith In Abused Girls "    by Sierra Sojourner


Several years ago, Susan Smith was sentenced to life in prison for drowning her 2 little sons in a lake in Union, S.C.. Every since I heard one disturbing fact, I've wanted to write about her case.....not her murder case per se, but about what happened to make her do what she did.

“Family Secrets Exposed”

Susan was harboring a family secret. At the age of 13 her step-father, a high ranking Republican, Beverly Russell,  for a year. Since he was a rich Republican he didn't get any jail time! After the year, he returned home. to her mother and to the Department of Social Services and Beverly moved out from the home temporarily. He was arrested and sentenced to Family Counseling Susan reported the rape  turned from caretaker to rapist!

Susan was chastised by her family for making the sexual abuse public.

Her mother Linda was more concerned about being publicly embarrassed than protecting her daughter. Unfortunately for Susan, with Bev back in the house, he continued raping her while her mother and siblings turned a deaf ear to her cries for help. 

In her senior year of high school Susan turned to a school counselor for help. The Department of Social Service was contacted again, but Susan refused to press charges and the matter was swiftly swept under the proverbial carpet of lawyers' agreements and sealed records which protected Bev and the family from the feared public humiliation.----------------------------

 Susan Smith started dying rapidly the moment that man raped her. When her mother and family turned against her, Susan was killed and buried for good. What was left was a shell, not the person she should and would have been. She would never achieve the destiny that was hers to claim, if that man had not violated her. By forcing his filth on and in her, by filling her essence with his inner stink, Susan disassociated and didn’t know to value life; hers or her future children. After all, her life wasn’t valued, so how would she know to value others?


 Her parents divorced when Susan was seven and five weeks later Harry, age 37, committed suicide.”



 And Susan attempted suicide herself a few times after being raped by the step-father.






Yes, someone named Susan Smith killed her 2 sons, but she had several co-defendants that never went to prison. The step father and her mother especially, are just as guilty of murdering her sons as she is!  Even her dead father shares the guilt; by committing suicide and leaving her, he



taught her that when things get rough, there was a way out; death.



The problem with feeling any sympathy for Susan Smith is that she killed innocent helpless children.  But she too was killed when she was an innocent helpless child. The difference is that she was still breathing, but she was  dead inside. If the ones that abused Susan had been punished, if she had gotten the counseling and family support she desperately needed, it’s reasonable to assume that she certainly would not have killed her children or hurt anyone else.



Also is the argument that other girls and boys are raped and beaten too, but they don’t kill or end up in prison. Why is that?  No one has an answer.

This tragedy can occur in a large family and none of the kids kill. The one that does abuse others, commit crimes or kills, is actually the one that felt the abuse on deeper levels than others. That’s the one that got hurt the most.  It’s difficult to look at a ‘cold blooded killer’ and think that they got hurt the most from childhood abuse, but it is true. Case after case shows clearly that 99% of people in prisons,  men and women, were abused as children!



For some people, if that line of decency is crossed when they’re helpless, they repeat that behavior. Even if they don’t go to prison, they may act out in other ways; being cold or cruel to others, verbally abusive,  suicidal, get addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, or some other kind of negative behavior.  Life is hard enough under the best of circumstances, but to be forced to live a nightmare from birth….



As to why all abused children don’t grow up to commit crimes or kill, I’ve come to believe that it’s merely a roll of the dice. Fate rolls the dice and says, “I’ll take you this time.”  And off  you go into a hell you can’t escape from.