" 5 to 10 Year Run "               by  Ja                                    

The title of this story is what  drug dealers tell kids when they
recruit them to sell drugs. According to the age of the child,
they have 5 to 10 years to sell drugs before they can get arrested.

Drug dealers make the kids believe they can sell drugs for that
length of time, get rich and then retire.  That doesn't happen!
These kids burn out long before the ripe old retirement age of 18.
They get killed, become addicts themselves and/or end up in
prison doing 5 to 10 years! Either way, their life is over in a very
short period of time.

Adrenalin rush, money, and sex from selling drugs, makes it
difficult for the kids to have a normal life and normal job. After the
drug life uses them up, they generally end up making prison
their home. 3 hots and a cot!

In prison they'll gladly work for .50 cents an hour, but will not
work for minimum wage on the outside. Once they're in prison,
their fellow drug dealers forget all about them. It's usually their Mother
who visits, sends money and prays for the life of her child. 

Unfortunately, I learned about the 5 to 10 year run from my oldest
brother and his son.  My brother walked out on his family and it broke
his son's heart. While he was running around with other women, a
predator was recruiting his son to sell crack. When my brother
saw how much money his son was making, he decided to get
reacquainted. As long as his son was in school, making good
grades and doing right, my brother ignored him. The moment he
started making blood money, my brother called him 'son' again.

Father and Son started selling crack together. It was their supplier who
told them they had 5 to 10 years to make money before my nephew
was old enough to go to prison. Both of them still believed it, even
after they had lost everything, including their dignity.

I live in another state, so by the time I found out about all this, my
brother had been arrested and was on probation. His son was in
and out of the local jail. When I asked my brother why he committed
crimes with his son, instead of teaching him to do right, his reply was,

"Sister when I saw how much money I could make..." 

Apparently the money bag had holes in it cause both of them were broke. 
These big time drug dealers didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to
throw it out of!

My nephew looked like hell even though he was only 23. Thin,
shoulders slumped over like an old man, yellow teeth, dirty from
not bathing and he lived in an abandoned house that had
holes in the roof and floor.

Brother didn't have a home either, so he shacked up with a woman
who did have a nice home.  His son wasn't allowed to live in the nice
home. The boy was grown now and  somewhat of an embarrassment 
to his father. He still wanted the drug money his son made, but he
didn't like what his son had become, what he helped create.

Others told me that the nephew was a child predator. He'd recruit
little kids to steal and sell drugs for him. If they refused, he's smash
their face, breaking their nose and teeth. He'd even shoot at them for
telling on him. He did terrible things to little boys, but the kids were afraid to
tell on him, so he was ne
ver arrested for that.

Maybe my brother was scared of his son too. One day on the phone, he told me 
his son also tortures and kills dogs. He whispered it, as if he were afraid his son was
listening, even though his son wasn't there with him.

He didn’t like what he had helped his son become. 

I figured that if I got nephew an apartment and sent money, he would stop preying on
kids and turn his life around. His counselor also got him food stamps and drove him
to the store to buy everything he needed. Once he was settled in, the counselor
asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Since he didn't answer, the counselor 
found him a part time and full time job. I called and suggested he take the part time
job for a while. That way he’d have time for the free GED classes across the street
from his apt. 

He took the apt, money, food and clothes. He didn’t take the job or the GED classes.  

Before I got nephew an apt., I had him move to a hotel for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, my brother wanted to move to NY with me. I told him NO!  I wasn’t going to help him leave his family and children. I would help them off a distance, but he could not bring that hell around me. Brother got so mad that he turned his son against me. 

After 3 months of dealing drugs at the apt and getting arrested, nephew was out of the building and out of my life.   

He's now 32 and has been in prison 3 times since then. At the moment, he's doing 11 years in prison. And as usual, it's his mother that visits him, brings him money and prays for his life.

Nephew could have gotten a college degree. He could be making $100,000+ in any field he chose. Instead he chose to be in prison, scrubbing toilets for .50 cents a day.

My brother's response to his son being to prison; "Well Sister, at least I know where he is!"