“ Running On Empty “                         by  Doris Timberland 

While rich corporations receive billions of our tax dollars to keep them in the life style they are accustomed too, millions of hard working people are being turned down for food stamps!


30 million new people have applied for food stamps because they lost their jobs and homes. However, not all of them get it. For working all their life, they get the 3rd degree from State Case Workers who can’t understand that these people lost their jobs. They treat the ‘previously employed’ like lepers! The problems are so wide spread that people are calling for immediate reform.


When millions of people lost their homes from the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2008, absolutely nothing was done to help homeowners keep their homes. But the moment rich corporations and banks started failing because of their own GREED, Bush snatched $70 billion from poor tax payers to  immediately bail-out his rich friends !  And he did NOT require that they be accountable for how they spend our money!


The result of such foolishness is that the banks still need billions more to prop themselves up. The auto industry still needs billions more to keep their factories afloat. AIG and other GREEDY entities still need billions more to pay their executive millions in bonus salaries!


Only in America can you get paid millions for running an entire economy in the ground! While hungry working people can’t even get $50 worth of damn food stamps!