" HUH ? "                        by   Lance Toby                      

 A 79 year old woman said she didn't want crack addicts stealing from her anymore, yet she buys the merchandise they steal from others. This same woman is a criminal, raised her son to be a criminal, but couldn't understand why her son was shot and killed by other criminals.

A 56 year old woman taught her kids to hustle, lie and steal. He son became a drug dealer; steals drugs from his supplier, the supplier comes after him and burns their house down. The 56 year old woman asks, "Why did that happen to me?"

A 40 year old man is a career thief. He's also a crack addict and never takes a bath.  A woman gives him an honest job painting her house. She pays him, thanks him for his work and that's that. She spends the night in a hotel to give her home a chance to air out from the paint and from the odor that came from him. The thief gets mad because he knows he could never have anyone like her, so he breaks in and steals all of her cleaning supplies.  

A group of deaf, young people move to a neighborhood. One young man seemed to be the leader and he starts checking everyone out, right after they move in. He wasn't just curious about his new neighbors. He was checking people out because he was a drug dealer. Yes, a DEAF drug dealer. 

A 93 year old woman was sending money to Hilliary Clinton's campaign for presidency. Her own home was a mess and her rental property across the street from her home, had been sited for violations. The violations had to be corrected before she could have tenants in there again. An honest handyman was only charging her $600 to do all the work, if she bought the supplies herself. The work would have cost her $2,000 - $2,500  if someone else did it. She thought the handyman was beating her, so she didn't hire him.

She checked around and found out that he was giving her an amazing discount, so she tried to get him back. However, she had been so nasty to him that he didn't want to be bothered with her anymore. He was polite and respectful but firmly refused to do the work.  Thinking she could tempt him to be dishonest, she called him one day and said she had $100 for him. She figured he'd come over for the money and she would plead with him to do the work for her. 

The handyman quickly called her back. Politely but firmly, he told her, " I didn't ask for your damn money, I don't need your damn money and I don't want your damn money. Please don't ever call me again!"