N I G G E R        by a Northern Black Woman


I asked her 3 times to not use that word around me.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, hoping she really wasn't a racist, I stopped her when she made a negative comment about the 'niggers' in the neighborhood.

I asked her not to use the word nigger around me. 

Without thinking, she immediately replied, "Well, anyone can be a nigger." 

The white woman was actually baffled as to why she couldn't use the word nigger around me.


This was the south, Jacksonville, FL, a former slave state. In her mind, in her world, in her heritage, the word nigger is so ingrained that she absolutely saw no harm in saying it


Even worse is that black people in Jacksonville were used to being called niggers by white people and accepted it as a matter of course.

Like the white woman, the black people in that run down area also thought my aversion to the word was odd. 


After the white woman said nigger a 3rd time, I'd had enough and told her to get the fuck away from me. I stewed in anger for days. Then exploded. She was much bigger and taller than I am, but the adrenaline was pumping through me like the current Amazon fire out of control. 


She was outside and I shouted, "She calls black people niggers". I ran across the street, jumped up in the air and hit her with a jug of water I had in my hand. Truth be told, I didn't even realize I had anything in my hands until after I hit her and knocked her backwards. For her sake, she should be glad I didn't have a brick or something worse in my hand at the time.


I was about to give her some more blows when I heard someone say, "Go get her!" 

Before I knew what was happening I was suddenly yanked up and pulled away from her. 

It was a black girl who lived up the street and her mother was the one that shouted "Go get her!", stopping me from doing more damage. 


Believe me I was grateful to her and her mother for stopping me because I had lost it.

Returning to my senses, I saw that the large white woman was OK, bruised by OK.


Besides the swelling on her face, she had a baffled look on her face as if she still didn't understand that using the word nigger was anything to get her ass whipped over.


Determined not to be violent again, I went back inside and put a spell on her instead.