" I Did Not See That Coming "        by Tucker Dewberry


There use to be an apartment complex on Columbia Road, just before you get to 16th Street.

I haven't been to D.C. in years, so I'm not sure if it's still there or not. 

The day this incident happened, it was sunny and warm outside. I got out my bike and went for a spin. 

As I rode by that particular apt building, a few young ladies were sitting on the lawn, enjoying the afternoon.

Just then, a tall handsome guy came out of the building.

He walked over to one lady in particular. She was very pretty and had her baby on her lap.

Instead of smiling at them as I thought he would do, he snorted and smirked at them. 

The woman spoke up and said, " You need to stop using drugs and take care of your son! "

" Aw, you just mad cause I don't love you no more ", the guy snarled and walked away.