“ That’s In The Past “   a horror story           by Vernon Wilmer

In 1996, I met a 40 year old woman named Ginny.
Ginny, her 2 sisters and brother, had all been violently
raped by their mother’s boyfriend, when they were children.
The mother knew about it and she let it happen, over and
over again. Ginny was the oldest, 9 at the time, so he raped
her more often than he had sex with her mother.

By the time one sister turned 11, she got pregnant as a result
of the rape. She desperately wanted an abortion but her
mother made her have the baby. The mother couldn‘t have
any more children, so she insisted her daughter carry the
man‘s baby. The mother figured the old man would continue to
stay with her, if her daughter had his baby.

The old man also raped the boy several times. As a result of
that trauma, the boy started raping other little kids. He’d get
caught, go to prison, get out and rape again. Each time he
got out, he’d stay with his mother, in the same house where
they were raped. By then he was 39 years old, with no ability
to change. Everyone knew he raped children, especially little
boys, so they kept an eye out for him, when they saw him
stalking around. But that didn't work. He still managed to snatch
little boys and rape them. He should have been locked up
permanently, but he wasn’t.

Ginny and boyfriend ran a corner bar. When I stopped by one
night, she showed me her brother, fresh out of prison for the
6th time! He was just sitting there, talking to another ex-inmate
like no one else could hear them. They were saying how much
they missed getting their “booty bumped” and sucking dicks like
they did in prison. I had to get outta there!

Ginny’s youngest sister was gay, very thin and seemed to
melt into the walls. I understood why she didn’t trust people,
why she didn’t want men touching her. She lived with Ginny
and her children above the bar. The upstairs area was a mess,
the basement was filled with trash, but none of them seemed
to notice. Knowing it, gave me the chills every time I went in the bar.

The other sister, who was forced to have the old man’s baby,
seemed to be adjusting better than the rest. Her child was
grown now and on his way to college. Unlike Ginny, this
sister lived in a clean, beautiful home.

I also met their real father. He was an alcoholic and had left
their mother when they were babies. He swore he would
have killed that old man if he had known what he was doing
to his children. Then he turned back to his bottle of liquor
and forgot all about our conversation.

Ginny had 2 lovely children. She told them all about what
happened to her and her siblings. She taught them to stay
away from her brother! To tell her immediately if him or anyone
else put their hands on them. That included the father of her
children too.

During the day, I’d come to the bar when it wasn’t busy.
Most of the time, it was just me and her talking, while her
boyfriend was in the kitchen preparing for 4 o’clock happy

The moment Ginny’s children walked in from school, the most
beautiful thing would happen; her face and eyes would light up
with pure love! She’d be glowing and smiling. I never saw that
happen before or since with anyone else. She loved her babies!
And she was eager to hear about everything they did that day.

Ginny never got that kind of love from her mother, so she left
her mother’s house, when she was 14 years old. She lied about
her age and enlisted in the Army Reserves. She trained in another
state, grateful to be as far from her family as possible.

One day she was told she had a visitor. Fearing that
something had happened to her siblings, she rushed to the
visiting area. It was the old man! Her mother’s boyfriend.
The one that had raped her and her siblings. Instantly Ginny
was filled with rage. Through clenched teeth, she asked him
what he wanted......He did the unthinkable. He pulled
something out of his pocket; a ring. Then that old man got
down on his knees and asked Ginny to marry him!

Ginny doesn’t remember much about what happened next.
When she came back to her senses, several MP’S were
pulling her off the old man and there was blood everywhere!

Before being whisked out of the room, she saw the old man
on the floor moaning, holding his genital area, blood covering
his hands and face. In a matter of seconds, Ginny had kicked,
punched and mauled him in the groin, face, stomach and back.
She would have killed him if the MP’s hadn’t been close by to
stop her.

The old man was taken to the hospital, while Ginny told her
commanding officers what he had done to her and her siblings.
As soon as he was released from the hospital, he was arrested.
He was extradited back to Baltimore, Md. to stand trial for raping
children. A D&A sample confirmed that he was the father of her
sister’s baby and she was only 12.

The old man gave up their mother too and she was arrested.
However, since the children refused to say anything against
her, she was released. The children were as young as 5 years
old when he started molesting them. During the trial, the old man
insisted that the children loved him and enjoyed what he did to
them! The sad part is, he had convinced himself that was true.

That kind of delusional thinking is what made him track Ginny
down and ask her to marry him. She loved him so much that
she almost dismembered him, almost killed him in seconds!
Thankfully he was delusional because that’s what finally did
him in. The old man got 60 years in prison. He was still in prison
when Ginny told me her story, so more than likely he’ll die in there.

I asked her if she had ever discussed this tragedy with her
mother; did she ask her mother why she let that man rape them.
Ginny had confronted her a few times over the years. Every time
she brought it up, her mother would get hysterical and start yelling,

“That’s in the past, That’s in the past! Why you wanna bring up the past!”