"  A Mother’s Love  "                               by Vanessa Barton              

I watch you falling everyday
falling in despair
I try to talk to plea with you
but you act like you don't care.

I tried to give you the greatest gift
that was sent from God above
It wasn't presents, money or fame
I gave you a mother's love

A mother's love is the most wonderful thing
that any child could feel
But each time you turn and break my heart
before the next time could heal

If you could search the windows of my heart
and see the love inside
A mother's love is a powerful weapon
and God knows I have tried

No mother want's to see her child
going through such hell
Or to feel within herself
that as a mother she has failed

That's why I pray every day
on my knees as my tears pours
And God gives me the wisdom to realize
that the failure is not mine, It's yours

But for every time that I fall to my knees
and pray to my God above
He ensures me that I've done my best....
I've given A Mother's Love.