" The Game Of Life "              by Vanessa Lamar Barton              


When I show ambition, You prefer me weak

When I express strength, You feel defeat

Women are forced to play a strong role

If she does this, Then she's to bold.

What do you want or do you know

I can't stroke your ego and make mine low

I have to rise and be all I can be

This isn't about you this is about me

I love the feeling of being your wife

But before I met you I had a life

Don't fault me when you see me shine

God gave us all vision and this is mine

He gave us all wisdom and I want you to rise

But not at the expense of my demise

Now you're compelled to make a stand

And play the role of a strong black man

If you should stumble along the way

This is the game of life and I came to play

So just except me for who I am

If you don't like me I don't give a damn

But don't fault me if you don't find your way

Cause this is the game of life, and me.....I came to play!!!!


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