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Welcome To Burnsbooks Publishing



I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! It is my hope that Burnsbooks Publishing becomes a place of reading enjoyment, as we invite you to come, sit down, relax, and sip with us.

1998-2005 were very important years to us as BURNTOUT PROJECT began compensating its merger with its parent company, BURNSBOOKS. Now that we have acquired the copyrights, artwork, and legal custody, we are in contention to make this a greater venture than ever.

As Burnsbooks continues to progress and add to its listing a host of New Services and Products, and with the additional Capital and Expansion of its Network, we are enabled to launch innovative products that we are sure you're going to enjoy as we expand, offering an even higher level of Customer Service.

As Company Founder, I invite you to feel as proudly about this campaign as I do. I strongly urge you to join us and feel invited as part of this growing family.

Showcasing an array of reading styles ranging from Fiction, Christian/Religious, Non-Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, as well as How-To, Business Ventures, and Children's Books, we welcome you to join us to Enlighten Your Mind.

On behalf of The Burnsbooks Staff, Associates, Family, and our Wonderful Affiliates, We Thank You for your On-Going support and hope that you join us in making Burnsbooks Publishing an Exciting Adventure.