1-2 people $475.00 

3 people $600.00

4 people $800.00 

Deposits and Full Trips


There will be an extra cost on live bait ,which will run about $25.00 per person which is in June-October.

Cancallations Must be made 2 weeks from your date scheduled to fish with the option to reschedule.

One week from our schedule trip you will be charged $100.00 with option to reschedule and the $100.00 will come off your total at the end of the trip.

Inside 3 days are less from our scheduled trip there will be no time for me to book another client so there will be a $250.00 FEE for last minute cancallations.

TRIPLE-TAILS.... Trips also offered, call for details.(When in season) June-September


                                 CONTACTS:     (985) 705-1244

 E-MAIL:       captainericdumas@yahoo.com


 What to bring:  1.)Your snacks or sandwiches for the day 

         along with water and drinks in a 48qt icechest. 


                                      2.) sun screen, sunglasses

                                      3.) your favorite rod and reels

                                            (2 per person)

                  If you don't have one you can still join the fun

                                     I will have one for you.    

       5.) ICE CHEST FOR YOUR CATCH a 120 to 150 qt  if            plan to take the fish home with you and clean yourself. 

               DON'T FORGET YOUR FISHING LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!


OUT OF STATE ARE ANYBODY NEEDING A 3 DAY CHARTER PASS CALL 1-888-765-2602. That is the 24 hour Wildlife and fisheries License department....The cost of a 3 day Pass should be around $5.00..