Greetings.  This website is my personal space to share whatever is on my mind and going on in my little part of the world. In brief, I am a lover of animals, music, nature, politics and science fiction.

In October 2005, I fulfilled a life-long dream of visiting Churchill, Manitoba Canada to see Polar Bears in the wild. It was a magical and exciting trip. The bears are beautiful and awesome and I have posted pictures and a video from the trip here on the site.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to post in the forum or respond to my occasional blogs!  Contact me for passwords. (Too many crazies online!)


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     Haboob hits Phoenix, 6/6/06






  Scenes from Churchill





Polar Bears and Sled Dogs 


One of my favorite photos from an amazing yearly event -- certain polar bears and sled dogs enjoy playing with each other. Norbert Rosing captured one such occurrence in this lovely photo below (I have it on my wall at home).  Other photographers have also caught these incredible moments.  It's important to remember that these polar bears have not eaten for up to 5 months when they seek out the dogs.

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