Incredibly, in some American public schools
(the number is growing), the clothes below are not allowed:


The writing on the white shirt above and to the right reads:
"Where liberty is, there is my country." Ben Franklin

The writing in the flag area of the white shirt above says,
"In God We Still Trust" This shirt not allowed with a school uniform policy.





What happened to the land of the free?
Why do so many Americans believe it is okay to limit clothes students may
wear while attending public school to just a few select solid colors of clothing?

According to many public school administrators and school
boards the clothes below will magically reduce drugs in school,
reduce gang activity and improve attendance, discipline and grades:


Lets not forget how evil it is to wear the time tested,
durable, iconic American pants on the left versus wearing the

 calming, drug reducing, gang reducing, academic improving pants on the right:


       Blue Jeans                              Tan Pants