Member Benefit Programs for

The Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary

(more great reasons to JOIN the DAV!)

Ford Motor Company Partner Recognition

Ford Motor Company has invited the DAV to join their Partner Recognition Program. The program offers members the opportunity to purchase or lease eligible vehicles at Ford Motor Company's X-Plan pricing (S-Plan pricing for Mazda vehicles). Eligible vehicles include virtually all Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, and Land Rover products. (Certain vehicles may be excluded.) This can mean savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars for our members.  Additional information and access codes are available to members at .

PowerNet Global Long Distance Phone Service

PowerNet Global is making it easier for DAV members and employees to keep in touch with each other. For just 5.4 cents a minute, members can make interstate telephone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even during peak calling times! And there are no monthly fees!  Additional information and access codes are available to members at .

Prescription Discount Program

Creative Benefits Design (CBD) has created a new, no cost, no enrollment, no monthly fee discount prescription drug program for DAV and Auxiliary members. Members can now save up to 60%, and in some instances more, on over 12,000 prescription drugs. CBD, in partnership with Pharmacy Benefit Management, provides this benefit to our members and their families. Members need only present their DAV Pharmacy Discount Card to a participating pharmacy (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, for example) and their pharmacist will enter their name into a secure national database allowing for savings at over 46,000 pharmacies nationwide. Members may even mail order a 90-day supply of their medication, which may provide a greater discount as well as added member convenience.  Additional information and access codes are available to members at .

Moving Discounts

North American Van Lines and Global Van Lines have teamed up to provide DAV members the opportunity to lessen the costs of interstate moving. Minimum discounted rates of 40% off transportation services are available for members moving to another state. That's a substantial savings considering the high cost of total moving expenses!  Additional information and access codes are available to members at .

Travel Discounts

Popular hotel franchises are offering lodging discounts for DAV members. Discounts of 15-30% off standard rates (rates are based upon availability and some blackout dates may apply) mean real savings for our members on the road. Simply call the toll-free number of the hotel franchise, provide the DAV's Member Benefits I.D. number,  and make your reservations at the hotel of your choice.  Additional information and access I.D. numbers are available to members at .

Days Inn


Howard Johnson






Knights Inn


Wingate Inn




Dining Rewards Program

iDine Prime is a program designed to save money for our members who enjoy dining out. The program boasts over 7,000 participating restaurants nationwide offering 20% savings off your entire bill, including tax and tip, up to a maximum spending of $600 per restaurant, per month. Call iDine at 866-530-8784 and give them your DAV membership code number when setting up your account. You may register up to three credit cards (since not all restaurants accept all types of credit cards) with iDine. They will send you a membership guide and a directory of participating restaurants. You may also access this information at their website: . With the iDine/DAV Program, once you accumulate "Qualified Dines" generating $40 in total discounts in the year of your enrollment, and in successive years of enrollment, then all subsequent qualified dines will receive the "Dining Reward" as a credit on your credit card and will be reflected on your credit card statement.

Legal Services

The DAV has started our own nationwide network of attorneys who have agreed to give reduced-fee services to our members. These lawyers will prepare simple wills for $100 and health care and financial powers of attorney for $35 each. Other legal services are provided at 10% off the lawyer's prevailing rate. You may access our list of participating lawyers in the DAV Legal Services Network (LSN) at the Membership section of the website, or call the National Headquarters Membership Department for assistance. Simply choose a participant, call his/her office and identify yourself as a DAV or DAV Auxiliary member. If none of the lawyers is conveniently located, just let us know if there is a specific lawyer you would like to see and we will invite him/her to join the network.

Computer Equipment

Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW) offers members the opportunity to purchase computer software and hardware with savings based on volume discounts extended to the national organization.  Additional information and access codes are available to members at .

DAV Internet Service

DAV now offers Internet service. Sign up online free at or call toll free 1-801-924-0900 to speak with a representative or receive a *registration kit. Cost only $13.25 for members and $16.25 for non-members per month. By signing up you'll be supporting DAV programs.

What You'll Get!

  • Unlimited, state-of-the-art internet access
  • 5 free email addresses
  • 25mb personal web space
  • Toll-free technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Local access numbers nationwide to over 2000 US cities
  • No commercial advertising

You must be a DAV/DAVA member to get the member rate!
$2/month of members fee supports DAV programs
$5/month of non-member fee supports DAV programs

*Registration kit fee $9.95, includes start-up software and all license fees and instructions.
ISDN, DSL, & Domain Hosting also available at great rates!

Isn't it great to be a member of DAV?