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   Rent Update/May 20,2021

The rent is scheduled to increase to $35 per month beginning July 1, 2021. The rent will increase $35 each year for the next 3 years. The rent increase includes cable and internet as discussed in HOA Happenings. Please refer to that page on the website for all the specifics. 



March 21, 2021


The committee met and tabulated the votes for the 2021 Rent Increase. A total of 172 votes were cast, with the majority -137- voting for the Option 3 (a 3-year contract with $35 increase each July 1st) and 35 votes opposed. A park majority of 50% plus 1 is required for the proposal to pass. The park majority was 58.798%

Mr. Marger was notified on Monday by Management. The plan is for the installation of television and internet to begin in May and be completed by July 1, 2021. The system will be run to each lot. Every resident has the freedom to have either tv, or internet, or both hooked up to their units. Residents may keep their current systems if they choose, and they may switch at any time.

Many questions have been answered, but Management understands that questions will arise. Please submit your questions through the HOA to Deborah Iturralde at Lot 322.




TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2021 6:00 PM


There will be a Special HOA meeting called for Tuesday, March 16th to clarify and finalize the election of HOA Board members and to share the answers to the Rent Increase questions raised at the previous meeting.   These will be the only topics presented.

Nominations for BOD vacancies will be called for again and the floor will be closed. If a run-off is necessary, an election will take place at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 18th.  All candidates must get their 100- word profile to Sharon Kennedy before Tuesday morning.




MARCH  6, 2021


      ● February 8, 2021 Dale Gray resigns as Rent Committee Chairperson

      ● February 10, 2021 Committee meets & Deborah Iturralde appointed Chairperson. Dates selected to offer to Mr. Marger for meeting.

      ● February 12, 2021, letter requesting meeting hand delivered.

      ● February 16, 2021 received notice from Mr. Marger willing to meet on Feb. 25th at which time he will present rent increase notice.

      ● February 25, 2021 Committee met with Mr. Marger and received proposed increases.

      ● March 2, 2021 first HOA meeting since March 2020 and presentation of rent increase.




Tuesday, MARCH 2, 2021

Residents received handout with 3 Options outlined. Deborah announced that at 3:30 on that afternoon she had received another option from Mr. Marger. The options were:

      ● OPTION 1:    $60 (13.0%)—30 (5.8%)—15 (2.7%) ………3 YR.AVG. = 7.2%
        ●  Includes Internet (Spectrum),  $100 upfront deposit or charge??

        ●  TV (Dish) (with a Chulavista Landings Channel)

        ●  Pool Improvements: new expanded decking, shade roof

        ●  Security lights in RV secured storage lot


  1.  OPTION 2:    $30 (6.5%) – 20 (4.0%)—15 (2.9%) ……...3 YR.AVG. = 4.2%
        ● Includes Pool improvements

        ● Lights in RV storage lot


  1.  OPTION 3:     $35 (7.5%) – 35 (7.0%) –35 (6.05%) …….3 YR. AVG. = 7.0%
        ● Includes a, b, c and d in OPTION 1


  1. OPTION 4:      $33 (7.0%) on a ONE YEAR CONTRACT with no promised improvements to amenities and option to raise rent a minimum of 7% annually.


RENT OPTION 1:    1ST YEAR  $521      2ND YEAR  $551      3RD YEAR   $566


RENT OPTION 2:    1ST YEAR  $491       2ND YEAR  $511      3RD YEAR   $526


RENT OPTION 3:    1ST YEAR  $496       2ND YEAR  $531      3RD YEAR   $566


RENT OPTION 4:    1ST YEAR  $494       2ND YEAR  $529      3 RD YEAR  $566





Deborah announced there would be a vote to select the option with a majority rule. She called for a vote on Option 1 and there were no ayes. A motion was made on the floor to vote for Option 3 and seconded; a show of hands was called for. The vote was 1 vote per household. 54 voted for Option 3. A motion was made to vote for Option 2 and seconded. A show of hands resulted in a count of 21.  A vote was called for by Deborah on Option 4 and no one made the motion to continue.

As several questions were raised and discussed pertaining to the tv and internet services, Deborah asked that questions be given to her and she would present them to Mr. Marger. Signature sheets were available, if they chose, for attending residents to vote to accept or reject Option 3. It was also announced that Block Captains would come door-to-door to get signatures and would have available the answers to the evenings questions. Finally, it was announced that residents who are soon leaving the Park may submit their vote via email and then will be asked to confirm when they return to the Park. Deborah asked for any further questions and there were none forthcoming, and the meeting was turned back over to the HOA.


POSTNOTE: I do not have any answers from Mr. Marger yet. When I receive them, I will send to Block Captains, post at the mail huts and on the message board.

It is unclear as to whether the upfront cost of $100 is a deposit or one-time charge. This will be answered with the other tv/internet questions.