Our mission is to provide our youth with an opportunity to grow as citizens through a development of soccer that will provide them with strong fundamentals that will lead them to an opportunity to a collegiate Education and athletic participation.Anahuak Academy is committed in the soccer development of our youth. AYSA is a recreational level, where we provide an opportunity to our youth community to be introduced to soccer. Anahuak Academy is a competitive level, where our most talented and committed players get an opportunity to develop their soccer skills into a competitive Level.Anahuak Academy consists of volunteer coaches that possess many years of experience. Our development of youth players has been outstanding through out the years, especially with the younger divisions.



Anahuak Academy BU12
 Head Coach

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Anahuak Academy BU15

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Anahuak Academy GU16

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Anahuak Academy BU16

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        Edwin Manzanero   (626)463-8597   anahuakacademy@yahoo.com
   Anahuak President   Raul Macias (323)864-0312 anahuaksoccer@mail.com
    Anahuak Coordinator   Fransisco Serrano (323)500-7558 paco@anahuak.org