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Jim From Long Island
10-18-2008 5:13:38 PM CST
I've been coming to your restaurant every year for 40 years (I'm only 41.) I remember when the Cuckoo clocks used to hang on the wall. It is always a highlight of my trip and I usually come every day I can while upstate. By the way, I will be there tomorrow for breakfast and lunch! Can't wait!!! Great Jelly.

Elaine & Co.
05-14-2008 08:44:46 am CDT
My family has come to your shop for years and years. I am so glad you have kept up with all the pastries we love. We live in Long Island and work in the city and we haven't been able to find anything like your goodies anywhere. Keep up the good work.

05-3-2008 06:41:38 pm CDT
Your cakes are sooooo delicious. I just can't decide which one is my favorite. Hope to be back soon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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