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Joanne & Charlie Miller   jomiller217@yahoo.com
04-30-2015 2:23:29 PM CST

My parents went to Kochis for dinner and dessert at your bakery and stayed at hilltop in the mid 60s. we had a wonderful time and I can still taste the good food we ate and miss those desserts though too far away now to get one. Also remember the cuckoo clocks! Joanne

Joanne & Charlie Miller   jomiller217@yahoo.com
04-30-2015 2:22:48 PM CST

My parents went to Kochis for dinner and dessert at your bakery and stayed at hilltop in the mid 60s. we had a wonderful time and I can still taste the good food we ate and miss those desserts though too far away now to get one. Also remember the cuckoo clocks! Joanne

marty gilberte   martypump@yahoo.com
04-24-2015 8:54:25 PM CST

Vacation at Glenbrook Farm since 1982 !

02-14-2015 8:28:52 PM CST
Best rum balls in the country, wish they did mail order!

ilze klavins
01-01-2015 7:28:53 PM CST
My wonderful cousin had the forsight to buy a walnut torte and freeze it for today. I am visiting from Minnesota, on New Years Day and enjoying a delicious cake and coffee!

debbie   debbieweber2007@gmail.com
11-26-2014 6:39:18 PM CST
I am trying to find out if the resort (or Inn) I stayed at many times in the 60's is still there or if it has changed names. Our family vacationed in Round Top every year and I think it was called the Round Top Inn. It was located nearby this bakery and I remember going to a little clock shop that was further down the road. It was a big, wooden, Red Inn with a front porch and various yard games on the side and back. I thought was called Round Top but now I see that the town is Round top, NY across the street was their pool. There was a dining room filled with long tables that all the quests sat at together, not in separate family tables. Dessert was usually vanilla ice cream with home made (still warm) vanilla wafers. I can't find it listed anywhere and wonder if anyone else remembers it. I have many happy memories there. It was on a street that you passed by several resorts (like the one in Dirty Dancing) including a German resort. I'd love to know if anyone else remembers this place! :) thanks Debbie

04-15-2014 2:54:00 PM CST
I love this place, and I was counting the days until your open again for the season on April 11th.. my mouth is watering right now thinking about all the gorgeous cakes you have. YUMM!

Rich Butler   butler.rich@gmail.com
06-05-2013 11:47:37 PM CST
Hi - My family vacationed in Round Top at the resort owned by the Hartman family in the late 1950's and early 1960's. I am trying to locate a copy of the postcard of the resort from that era. It is a picture of the front porch and there are a few seniors and a young kid on the porch - my grandparents and me! Please email me with any leads - thanks!

Sophia   Sophia.Vechnyak@gmail.com
01-19-2013 11:57:43 AM CST
I used to go to your bakery as a kid and buy this cake. I don't remember what it's called. It was very simple it was cake with a tiny sliver of apricot jam all the way through it. What is it called? Do you still sell it? I want to get it for my moms upcoming birthday.

margaret Sommer   margienjoe@hotmail.com
08-13-2012 7:42:25 PM CST
Hi Diane, hope you remember who I am, You made joe's and my wedding cake last year. Our wedding day, before hurricane Irene hit, August 27th. So yes we are celebrating our first year of being married. It's been great, even with the difficulties we have had to face and still are. We loved our cake,it was beautiful! have pics of it will make copy to give to you. We had such a wonderful day. Thanks again. Joe and Margie Sommer

Lois Teetz
06-03-2012 5:09:03 PM CST
Thank you for the 30th reunion sheet cake yesterday. Everyone at Glenbrook said it was delicious! And it looked beautiful too. :)

karen hieronymi   karenhi0315@gmail.com
02-09-2012 3:40:33 PM CST
well, this is a blast from my past. i remember going to 'roundtop' almost every weekend as a kid (i am now 61 year sold) .. think i just found a reason to re-visit your area!

kathy collins dudley   kataway03@yahoo.com
10-24-2011 3:43:10 PM CST
I used to work at Hartmann's. My sister worked at Glen Brook Farm nearby. Last week, after 46 years we revisited. Even though it was her day off, Diane gave us a tour of her bakery, and a piece of black forest cake. It was every bit as delicious as we remember. I remember Peggy Fino who wrote earlier. I was most pleased that all the original recipes that we remember so well were part of the sale. It was like returning home.

Maureen   MaurHtMt@hotmail.com
08-30-2011 7:02:19 PM CST
Are you open? Do you have power, cheesecake?

kathy hamilton plotkin   girliekat@hotmail.com
08-10-2011 8:38:15 AM CST
oh soooo many good memories, we use to come here as children, the best kuchen in the country!!! yes yes yes!!!! live in fla now, makes we want to come back for a visit..... yes, maybe i will...... as the song goes..... "thanks for the memories, da da da da oh thank you my friends"..... kathy p.

Nancy Kane Amoroso   nkamoroso@yahoo.com
07-11-2011 11:16:44 PM CST
I have been coming up to Round Top since before I was born. My mother's cousins owned Pickwick Lodge. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around those beautiful Catskill mountains. I always looked forward to (and still do) coming up and seeing old friends, visiting family, going to the waterfall at Winterclove (where we now stay when we come up) and just relaxing in a place that time forgot. All our celebrations include a cake from Hartmann's and you can't head home down the mountain without stopping to bring some of their beautiful pastry home with you to share with friends. I love your immaculate, friendly bakery. There is nothing else like it ANYWHERE. Please, don't ever go away.

Rita Balduccic   crashdash@sbcglobal.net
06-13-2011 10:09:10 AM CST
My memories of Hartmann's go back to the 1960's, when my family vacationed at The Woodlands, just down the hill, every summer. Hartmann's was a daily destination. Stopped in with my own husband and kids a few years ago and was thrilled that the bakery is as amazing as ever. The only problem is deciding what to get! How I wish we lived closer!!! Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

04-02-2011 10:36:15 AM CST
Spring is Here! I will at Hartmanns ASAP!!!

Domenick Caspari
01-29-2011 1:29:25 AM CST
As wierd as this may be, a belated (19 yrs in the making!) thank you for such a wonderful cheese cake! For many years I worked at Glennbrook Farm and on my 18th birthday Sophie surprised me with a cheese cake from Hartmanns. At the time I didn't like cheese cake, but after one bite and another and another and... I was hooked! Thanks again and nice to see the place still in business.

Sandy Barringer
12-02-2010 5:40:46 PM CST
My fanily (Mom, Dad, my sister and I) used to go down to Round Top frequently many years ago and discovered Hartmanns. For some reason this past year I decided to take a drive down with my sister while she was home for a visit. Mom and Dad have passed away. You place is as good if not better than it was years ago. I live around the Albany area but it's well worth the drive. I also shop at the Alpine Pork store on every visit. See you soon

Lydia Wamsley
09-12-2010 1:10:22 PM CST
Had a great lunch with my mom today!! The waitress was outstanding... Your Alexanders are the best!!!!! Thanks for making all our visits very memorable and enjoyable.

08-24-2010 11:15:12 AM CST

Hello, I worked at Hartmann's from 1961 until 1966. Karlli and Brigette came to my daughters wedding a few years ago. It was sooooooooooo wonderful to see the photos and know people are still enjoying their "coffee clutch"...Peggy Fino Kidder

dana   danamcipoletto@hotmail.com
05-08-2010 12:07:17 AM CST
The Alexanders here are by far my favorite pastry in the world. I used to vacation in the catskills every summer with my grandparents, 15 years straight. I recently had an "alexander" at a different bakery and it just wasnt the same. I have not been to hartmanns in over 10 years and still remember how wonderful it was. It was a highlight for me and my family.

04-07-2010 7:27:47 PM CST
To my favorite little treasure in the mountains, I love that you have pics of all the goodies. My family and I have been coming to Hartmann's since the mid 70's and I always bring visitors from out of town. Your really special if I bring you to hartmann's! I cant wait to come see everyone and of course, essen!

09-27-2009 5:02:48 PM CST
Thanks for the great breakfast this morning!! Everything was great, and we loved sitting with Mr. Russo in the side room. The pastries were fantastic, and made the ride back to Queens even better. Hope to be back before too long!

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