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Mistress   ttrolinger@knology.net
04-12-2006 06:03:45 pm CDT

I hope cruisers are welcome? Saw one in the shop this Sunday!!Steve are you one of us now? We will be up this weekend also, should be a good one. Maybe a full moon!

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-12-2006 02:17:03 pm CDT
We should be at Chucks somewhere around 12-12;30.

jnrz   JNRZ2@COX.NET
04-12-2006 11:00:44 am CDT

Here is a pic of my boat, is those pix below at longneck island? Will see all ya sat...where is a good meeting place, I am coming from wind creek

Chris   Chevy4x4@att.net
04-12-2006 09:28:14 am CDT
New pics are great. Hate I missed that photo shoot! ha...

Croozin2   croozin2@aol.com
04-12-2006 06:57:15 am CDT

Hey guys, I'm a friend of Steve's from Baton Rouge. Here's a pic of my old Formula & dually - sold the Formula last April and was prepared to buy a Cig Top Gun but then lost the condo in Hurricane Katrina. What a crappy year it has been. Anyway, great site Steve! Somebody fill a coonass in on this boating bill on Lake Martin. Sounds like it's given everyone a sever case of the red azzzz!

Art   arturo.sanchez1@us.army.mil
04-12-2006 05:20:33 am CDT
Hey y'all, I am enjoying all the photos on the site. This is the only web site I can access without the government blocking, fer now! Thanks to all for their support of the soldiers. Hopefully I will be joining ya fer a boat ride and some cold beverages soon! If y'all get a chance check out our web site @ tanboots.com It is a site for our battallion while were deployed! Keep the water rough and the beer cold,Art! P.S. Thanks to Stevie and DeeDee for the site, WONDERFUL!

Tony Nivison   admin@nivison.com
04-12-2006 12:12:54 am CDT
Check out this video. Its a long URL, hope it works... http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf?u=YUhSMGNEb3ZMMk52Ym5SbGJuUXViVzkyYVdWekxtTmtiaTV0ZVhOd1lXTmxMbU52YlM4d01EQTFOREV5THpRNUx6a3lMelUwTVRJMk1qazVOQzVtYkhZPQ==&d=21

The Big Boss   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-11-2006 09:14:44 pm CDT

CAT'S better half, and oldest son. Chillin' on the deck of the Daytona.

Lake pictures   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-11-2006 09:08:19 pm CDT

This is CHEVY 4X4. Chris from the lake martin forum.... He ain't scared of nothing.

Never can tell...   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-11-2006 07:39:19 pm CDT
There seems to be a photo shoot at Cathouse Marine tonight at 8:30pm. Some local hotties want to be on "Girls of Cathouse Marine" page. We'll see what happens. Girls of Cathouse gone wild maybe?

04-11-2006 04:15:00 pm CDT
Ready to drink some beer,I think we're going to have a good weekend for it.

funz over   clinthammock@charter.net
04-11-2006 07:23:40 am CDT
Hey Cat how about a password. I've got to keep up with the gossip.

Lamar Hickman   lamarw@comcast.net
04-11-2006 05:25:48 am CDT

Thanks Steve for acess to "Girls of Cathouse Marine". I was just wondering if you needed a photographer. Might come out of retirement for that opportunity. Hope it pays well. (LOL) Picture is of my old cabin that is being used for the Fire Dept. Training.

BDZ   bling_da_zing@yahoo.com
04-10-2006 11:53:44 pm CDT
what happen to our secret board???

lakegirl   lakegirl@bellsouth.net
04-10-2006 07:35:40 pm CDT
Need a password please....babygirl can vouch for me.....

Jim   jnoltimier@comcast.net
04-10-2006 03:54:51 pm CDT
CatManDew, send me a password !!

mistress   ttrolinger@knology.net
04-9-2006 08:46:25 pm CDT
Steve, I saw the pictures on Girls of Cathouse Marine, I've got to get the wife a pair of those...how much??

HOTROD   theonehotrod@hotmail.com
04-9-2006 08:37:47 pm CDT

how can i get a password?

Colemadina   chuck_coleman@bellsouth.net
04-9-2006 08:10:42 pm CDT
Steve, mark my boat as sold or take it off, Jeff Maaske of Troy, IL came down Saturday and drove it and took it home with him.

BDZ   bling_da_zing@yahoo.com
04-9-2006 07:22:58 pm CDT
hey is all that stuff on the new board true? cool!! glad to know stuff like that!

mistress   ttrolinger@knoligy.net
04-9-2006 06:43:34 pm CDT
Thank you for the new site to discuss the Boat Ban. It's nice to finally know the real truth, with it all coming out now it shouldn't be long before we hear the word "VETO"!

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-9-2006 04:33:20 pm CDT
thanks i got the water pump installed and put on my new to me prop...thanks...

babygirl   lakefun4@charter.net
04-9-2006 02:55:58 pm CDT
How did the meeting go this morning? If you do not want to post here, please post on the other web site. I will check back later. Thanks. LOL

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-9-2006 08:23:29 am CDT

Hey if you did not get to come to the air show yesterday it was very COOL... those are some awsome aircraft thought i would just post one for you guys to see...

jnrz   jnrz2@cox.net
04-9-2006 07:36:22 am CDT

Hey catboat, any chance to get a password. I will be up there this weekend, the 14, like to meet all of yall. Thanks John

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