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yellawood   jfutral@elmore.rr.com
04-26-2006 04:33:07 pm CDT
Hey tylor.I believe that chiar was made in opelika,by a company called T R motors.

04-26-2006 10:28:16 am CDT

04-26-2006 09:04:07 am CDT

ART   arturo.sanchez1@us.army.mil
04-26-2006 12:06:31 am CDT
Hey, that guy looks like he is a part of the Scott Kitchens clan!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!

ART   arturo.sanchez1@us.army.mil
04-26-2006 12:01:39 am CDT

I had to send this one! Any body want to go for a boat ride???

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-24-2006 08:51:47 pm CDT
Did not to get to meet with the atty today. I was very busy at work, but will try to contact him and meet with he and Allen tomarrow. I'll keep yall posted.

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-24-2006 08:09:27 pm CDT

this says it all!!!

funzover   clinthammock@charter.net
04-24-2006 07:17:39 pm CDT
Hey Cat, Tiffany said thanks for the t-top and t-back!!! Any news from today????

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-24-2006 04:19:56 pm CDT

hey its not as pretty as Kevins but its a start...sorry we did not catch up with you guys the other night but the girls wanted to hear the other singer and we=hen we got to the beach everybody was gone... but we sure enjoyed everyone that came down... its cold as #%&$ up here in New York that wind is bad off of Erie...be back soon...

jnrz   JNRZ2@COX.NET
04-24-2006 12:01:07 pm CDT
I was at the beach thi8s weekend. We all went out for fri-nite 80's on the boats. Mike has all this neon and strobe lites in his boat now, it looks like a club on the water. Sun was great weather...yall need to come down, I will be back up there the weekend of 5 may.

INDY27   lberrey@aol.com
04-24-2006 05:35:52 am CDT
Looks great!

CathouseMarine   cathousemarine@aol.com
04-23-2006 10:03:51 am CDT

The Fountain 27 project is coming to a close. Check out the detail on this baby. It is so sweet, thanks to the owner Kevin Green.

04-22-2006 12:03:19 pm CDT
The Alabama River, here in Montgomery. There is a concert at the Riverfront Park. Are you in town? Or, at the beach?

jnrz   jntz2@cox.net
04-22-2006 08:19:09 am CDT
what river are yall talking about???hwere is it

Art   arturo.sanchez1@us.army.mil
04-22-2006 05:07:08 am CDT
Hey y'all, I just read the article that Steve mentioned. It confirmed what I believed all along. Its about the money and money is power in our elected state officials! Hey snapperhaed are you out there?

ART   arturo.sanchez1@us.army.mil
04-22-2006 04:24:10 am CDT
Hey Steve, let me know if there is any thing I can do! lol from IRAQ!

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-21-2006 07:00:22 pm CDT
hey you need to call everyone and use your special powers to bring them down to the river... it will a great time to introduce the newbes to the skinny water...

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-21-2006 06:39:39 pm CDT
That just might be a good idea. Go to the River, and listen to the band, raft up and party. I get off at 6, but can probably come down.

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-21-2006 06:01:01 pm CDT
where is everyone? Is anyone going to the river tomorrow night there is going to be a concert on the river front, heard there are going to be 4 or 5 different bands playing, it would be nice to have several boats out too... hope to see lots of you there...

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-21-2006 05:55:54 pm CDT
Check out this article, it mentions the boat ban. Also, we have found an atty that we will interview on Monday to fight and try to overturn it. He is a Constatutional rights atty. Email me if you are interested in assisting. The story link is www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060421/NEWS01/604210333/1007

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
04-21-2006 06:18:48 am CDT
Is that a residence boat, a housboat or a speed boat? And, what is the manufactures speed rating?

mike&carrie   lakelovers@aol.com
04-20-2006 09:25:55 pm CDT

here is the new thing on the lake... NICE

mike&carrie   lakelovers2004@aol.com
04-19-2006 05:28:35 am CDT
Hey Steve after we put the exuast on the boat the other day, we went from a 4500 rpm spin on that 26 bravo to 5200 spin that breather and exaust really helped. Boat felt better all around...

Avenger   jlewis@aol.org
04-18-2006 01:08:38 pm CDT
Posts are being deleted over on lakemartin.com; who said something they shouldnt have?

HOTROD   theonehotrod@hotmail.com
04-17-2006 11:38:29 pm CDT

hey Jim, you got any relatives in Hawkinsville. I knew a Woody Moore there that could build hell out of a chevy 6. He did not think i was one to stay away from. Nor did Hubbie Platt "Georgia Shaker" he built me a 427 side oiler scj and a 351 cleveland.

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