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Robert   nelems@bellsouth.net
07-30-2006 12:51:26 pm CDT
Bham's channell 42 news at 5:30 today is doing a story on the lawsuit. They came up this morning and did an interview. May also be at 10PM,not sure,but definately 5:30. Maybe I can get a part in the next Miami Vice movie

Robert   nelems@bellsouth.net
07-28-2006 10:17:54 pm CDT

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
07-27-2006 07:45:39 pm CDT
Great news.... The lawsuit was filed today against the boat ban bill. I'll keep yall informed.

steve   cathousemarine@aol.com
07-26-2006 08:55:19 am CDT
Parker, i'll bet you want spray her with "Ho be gone". lol

Parker   Jaypee1@aol.com
07-25-2006 10:16:57 am CDT
Tony, what the hell. When are you bringing that to the lake?? If you don't have enough room she can ride with me!

Kevin   kevin_green@bellsouth.net
07-23-2006 06:56:17 am CDT
Good explanation from one of the "Masters." Another thing to consider when selecting cam specs in a high performance marine engine is engine fuel system type. In normally aspirated engines you basically in todays world have two types, carburated or efi injected . The efi injected motor generally works better with a wider (LSA). This wider (LSA) will ususally allow more duration to be used in the cam without the "reversion" problem showing up. Some of our bigger injected NA cams have durations around 240+ degrees @ .050 and we haven't expierenced any noticable reversion in 496 NA efi applications. If your engine is carburated and your building power you will most likely use a cam with an (LSA) of between 108 to 112 degrees for a stronger vacuum signal at idle to operate the carburators idle and transition circuts. This narrower (LSA) when combined with too much duration will increase overlap, the potential for reversion in a wet exhaust and hence limit durations to more in the 230 to 235 degree range. I am starting to think that with todays growing muffler and noise reduction laws that a better muffler equipped all dry exhaust system with tip exhaust gas cooling is in order for making bigger power in most high performance boats. Maybe some of the exhaust builders will do some more R&D here? Ray @ Raylar __________________

07-22-2006 10:12:38 am CDT
Fat Girls/Fat Girls/Fat girls sorry ya'll I had to think of something else for a second. That got something other than my heart to racing!!!

Fat Bastard   iwishidid@aol.com
07-21-2006 10:16:22 pm CDT
Now that will get your ticker pumping. Sunflower

Chris   Chevy4x4@att.net
07-21-2006 09:15:32 pm CDT

STEVE   Cathousemarine@aol.com
07-21-2006 09:06:09 pm CDT
Now that's nice..........

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-21-2006 08:58:23 pm CDT

Last one man... Are you missing the lake yet?

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-21-2006 08:57:43 pm CDT

Two more to go...

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-21-2006 08:56:56 pm CDT

She says get well soon!

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-21-2006 08:56:30 pm CDT

And another one...

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-21-2006 08:55:51 pm CDT

Hey Steve, heres one for your ticker...

D-Mac   croozin2@aol.com
07-19-2006 05:04:09 pm CDT
I think that's the cat Reggie Fountain was talking about when he said his new boat was a "cat killer".

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
07-19-2006 04:21:56 pm CDT
I think Kevin is learning too much about computors.

Shoefly   mshoemaker@buckmasters.com
07-19-2006 12:37:26 pm CDT

no, this is a ...or was a bad cat!!!

Kevin   kevin_green@bellsouth.net
07-19-2006 10:41:51 am CDT

Another bad cat

Kevin   kevin_green@bellsouth.net
07-19-2006 10:34:53 am CDT

One bad cat!

Kevin   kevin_green@bellsouth.net
07-19-2006 10:33:38 am CDT

One bad cat!

Lakeman   annbilla@charter.net
07-17-2006 11:18:59 am CDT
Ok Steve. This ain't no step for a stepper. Pretty soon it will only be a memory and we'll be tossing back the longnecks on the island. Speedy recovery my friend.

07-17-2006 07:33:11 am CDT
Big Daddy you missed a good weekend of sun and beer drinking.Had a good time and wish you were there.Tyler

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
07-17-2006 01:16:03 am CDT
Hey Steve, I got something for ya... (more pics to post...)

Freddie   kv38scarab@adelphia.net
07-16-2006 09:34:46 pm CDT
Glad to hear your still with us Steve, I don't know anyone else in Alabama to drink beer with. I was quite worried........

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