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Sea Eagle
09-06-2009 7:58:54 AM CST
Fished South Haven Friday afternoon from 4:00PM to 7:30PM Went 8 for 8. 6 Kings, a Laker & a Steelhead. Best day of fishing this year. Trolled North & South of the pier head working in an out of 100 to 130 feet of water. Carmel Dolphin Spin Doctor with a Green Seaweed Fly on 10 colors of leadcore was on fire (took 5 Kings - both sides of the boat). Blue Bubble Spin Doctor and Matching Fly on a Dipsey Diver set 180 ft back took the other King. Orange NBK on a half core took the Steelhead. The Laker came on one of the downriggers with a big White E-Chip Dodger with a Matching Fly.

Perch McKracken
09-04-2009 1:40:46 PM CST
You should hit it perfect on labor day weekend..we were out perch fishing on the 2nd and most of the king action looked to be in about 100 fow at mid day ...but at dark and dawn the pierheads should be red hot..water temp 54..perfect!
09-02-2009 2:38:03 AM CST
i need someone to update me on the king action as of 9-1.. the report says there into the pier but how strong. the lake turned over when the waves were high and nobody could get out. if we are out on the labor day weekend will there still be kings? gotta work you know. how long will it take for them to get through the breakwall?

08-15-2009 7:34:08 PM CST

I haven't been out for about a month. How has the salmon bite out of South Haven?

Perch McKracken
08-12-2009 3:27:54 PM CST
pyles fishing report is pretty accurate.stop in there before heading out and they will give you the low down on the perch...or just look for a bunch of boats when you hit the big lake..

08-08-2009 5:26:38 PM CST
where do ya find the perch

Perch McKracken
08-07-2009 9:53:13 PM CST
Hey Willy,limits on fri.same spot.10ft.deeper. 70 fish came on a double flash gold hook with a left bent fathead meat rig,About a foot off bottom..hahaha

Tyler Johnson
08-04-2009 12:01:42 AM CST

Some nice kings off of Chris Shells Boat

Big Daddy
07-26-2009 10:16:02 PM CST
can any one answer that guy's post about the perch location. don't any perch fisherman hang out at this web site?

Chris Shell
06-01-2009 6:09:50 PM CST

16 lb 13 oz brown caught April 18th on Orange Crush

Marion Behrman
05-28-2009 6:13:31 AM CST

1 lb perch S of SH port 5/24/09 caught with MINNOW FROM PYLE'S PORTHOLE. Another 3/4 lb perch caught same day about 11 AM by Dave Behrman. Lots of Gobies too.....

Randy Meister
05-24-2009 10:01:16 AM CST

5-23-09 limit

Mike Chamberlin
05-12-2009 8:32:40 AM CST
Are the perch in shallow water or are they still out in 60+ Feet of water?

Mike Heckman
04-26-2009 4:57:12 PM CST

12 for 12 on 4/18 2009.

Kathy Goodrode
04-14-2009 10:44:55 AM CST

Our little guy, Tomas, ice fishing with Mommy, on School Section lake, this winter.

Kathy Goodrode
04-14-2009 10:42:57 AM CST

Sorry forgot to say they were from last fall. Here's Ron's fish.

Kathy Goodrode
04-14-2009 10:39:36 AM CST

Never showed you guys my fishes. Got these at Watervliet. Kathy 2, Ron 0.

09-09-2008 12:35:26 PM CST

Ladies Tourney May 2008

August 1, 2008
08-05-2008 6:13:32 AM CST

Our Wedding Day!

Macy Jenks
07-25-2008 7:26:11 AM CST

Pyle's Porthole's #1 Fan!

07-16-2008 9:03:30 AM CST

Great aerial view of the near by marinas.

06-23-2008 6:59:11 AM CST
Awesome Store! Was in over the weekend with our family and couldn't believe the changes! They have definately given the fisherman of South Haven something to be proud of. The hours are good, the store decor is classy and their selection in stock is great - I told them they are a mini cabelas! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

05-18-2008 8:31:59 PM CST
Best of luck with your new venture! I look forward to stopping in when I am up next weekend.

05-4-2008 07:27:44 pm CDT


05-4-2008 07:13:08 pm CDT


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