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Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
08-29-2006 06:30:01 pm CDT
I will be on the lake Sunday, around noon or so. Putting in at Jeff's. I think most of the Fl. folks will be there also. Looking foreward to a good weekend. Steve

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-28-2006 09:57:03 pm CDT
I should be there LATE Sunday night. I will call around to see where everyone is going to be...

todd   ttrolinger@knology.net
08-28-2006 07:26:08 pm CDT
Who's in for labor day at the lake?

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-28-2006 04:16:29 pm CDT
Steve, it was good to see you out on the lake Saturday! We are loosing good weather fast, and it sucks! I will be having a football party one saturday in the future... I will be sure to let everyone know the exact day.

Paker   Jaypee1@aol.com
08-23-2006 05:28:51 pm CDT
Is that a Bayliner??

Colemadina   chuckcoleman@bellsouth.net
08-23-2006 01:28:51 pm CDT
I call shotgun

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
08-23-2006 06:30:23 am CDT
Scott, we should have rode that to Jawana's. We could have sat in the A/C. What will she gps on the top end?

Scott   sek@bellsouth.net
08-22-2006 09:20:37 pm CDT

Crab island bound!!!!!!

Payton   paytong78@yahoo.com
08-22-2006 04:44:26 pm CDT
Steve when are you going to become a Bayliner Racing Dealer

08-22-2006 12:27:09 pm CDT
Todd what about some of the late night Lake Martin crowd pictures,I imagine you have a few good ones.Tyler

STEVE   Cathousemarine@aol.com
08-22-2006 09:20:17 am CDT
"Bayliner Racing". LMAO. I saw Jason wearing a shirt that said that. Where can I get one like it? Steve

todd   ttrolinger@knology.com
08-21-2006 07:06:44 pm CDT

Amanda, Lee and Todd

todd   ttrolinger@knology.net
08-21-2006 07:01:10 pm CDT

Tom Tom, I never found that moon button on the dash

todd   tteolinger@knology.net
08-21-2006 06:55:49 pm CDT

Bayliner Racing, "I make the wake and you get the glory!!" Go Steve go!!

Bayliner Racing   ttrolinger@knology.net
08-21-2006 06:52:10 pm CDT

Had a great time with the group. Ask Womble, Paker and Peyton about the new racing team. You guys are the greatest!!!!

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-21-2006 02:18:25 pm CDT

Observation tower, from above...

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-21-2006 02:17:51 pm CDT

Observation tower...

Tony   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-21-2006 02:17:03 pm CDT

This is a pic of me this weekend on the Mighty "O" (Oriskany)...

andy   alt2650@aol.com
08-20-2006 05:51:29 pm CDT
Hey everyone, got back from Destin a little while ago. Had a great time with ya'll. Hope everyone had a great trip, and a safe ride back. See ya'll again soon I hope!!

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
08-16-2006 09:32:06 pm CDT
Tony, call my cell phone Thur, or Fri night. We should all be around the condo's having party. Steve

Tony (PP)   lisaspam@nivison.com
08-15-2006 02:32:14 pm CDT

Where is everyone going this weekend for the night life? We will be in Pensacola and may drive to the party (unless it is out on the water...)

Parker   Jaypee1@aol.com
08-15-2006 01:40:17 pm CDT
We are leaving the same time you are boy.

Todd (Mistress)   ttrolinger@knology.net
08-14-2006 07:41:20 pm CDT
We won't be leaving P'ville until 1:00pm or so for Fort Walton. So don't take all the damn parking spots!! Parker/Payton when you leaving?

babygirl   lakefun4@charter.net
08-14-2006 07:24:11 pm CDT
We are not going to make it to the Poker Run. We had a change of plans. So y'all please have enough fun for the both of us. Take good pictures so you can share with Lakefun. You know how he hates to miss a peek at THINGS. Please BE SAFE and HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!! R & R

Don   croozin2@aol.com
08-14-2006 09:08:22 am CDT
Robert, If we go, it will be to OB. My neighbor, Stan Ware, races in OSS (Popeye's Cat Lite). Don't care for SBI (Beak Boat Nationals).

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