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Joe Lindsey   joelindsey@thompsontractor.com
12-21-2006 02:29:05 pm CST

Steve, DONZI found a new home. Thanks for posting it on the website. I'll be in the market for something a bit faster around early spring. Keep me in mind if you see a deal. Yall have a great Christmas. Thanks again, Joe

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
12-20-2006 07:20:18 pm CST
That is not me. I had a boat like that once, but that is not me.

feb   lamarw@comcast.net
12-20-2006 02:24:29 pm CST
And I said I would ride with you. Where is my parachute?

MERRY CHRISTMAS   steveflyinghigh@gulf.com
12-20-2006 08:50:12 am CST

keep it in the water Steve...and yes this is you....and DD dyed her hair

feb   lamarW@comcast.net
12-19-2006 05:34:52 pm CST
So in May, it will also be a UFO. LMAO~ Thanks again for the nice pictures. It is good for my morale. I keep telling myself I will be living there next year.

feb   lamarw@comcast.net
12-19-2006 01:07:53 pm CST

Here is the other half of my new seawall minus the floating dock computerguy stole.

feb   lamarw@comcast.net
12-19-2006 01:05:07 pm CST

Computerguy, It looks like you stole my floating dock.

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
12-18-2006 10:04:48 pm CST
Computor guy, we are waiting for those pics? Where are they. BLing it on.

SCARAB MAN   tledbetter@trmotorsopelika.com
12-18-2006 11:59:59 am CST
Ya'll missed Sundays outing,beautiful day for boating.Yella Wood next time I call you need to jump off that tractor and come have some bloody marry's at Sin Clairs.

yellowood   eclements@elmore.rr.com
12-17-2006 02:35:39 am CST
iam crazy and tylor is the blame

Lake Martin Shirts   cafe.press@hotmail.com
12-13-2006 02:47:23 pm CST
Sorry, website address didn't show up well. :// cafepress.com/lakemartin Thanks!

Lake Martin Shirts   cafe.press@hotmail.com
12-13-2006 02:46:10 pm CST

Looking for Lake Martin Themed Clothing? Check out our website at: :// cafepress.com/lakemartin

Oh Know   Funny@aol.com
12-12-2006 09:07:59 pm CST
The Deer hanging from the tree.... FUnny and creative. LOL, bet it don't make it to the xmas page.

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS   mkgirl@elmore.rr.com
12-12-2006 06:00:38 pm CST


Passerby2   CoRd27HuntClb@aol.com
12-12-2006 02:00:53 pm CST

Here is a seen from behind his new barn

Passerby   theloop@27.com
12-11-2006 09:05:44 pm CST

Here is a scene on Wadsworth Loop. Second house on right, just off hwy 14. aka The Skip Jones residence. I here the fawns are cheap.

Lamar Hickman   lamarw@comcast.net
12-11-2006 08:45:33 pm CST

Hope this Picture comes through for you. I did email it also.

Lamar Hickman lam   lamarw@comcast.netHI
12-8-2006 07:51:10 am CST
Hi Dee Dee, Love it. I have a warm spot in my heart for our four legged friends (dogs and cats). Sounds like a wonderful idea. I will share some pictures from my zoo.

Dee Dee Northington   Cathousemarine@aol.com
11-26-2006 05:21:29 pm CST

Here is a Christmas picture taken today. It is one of our weenie dogs (aka pit weenies) I am thinking that maybe we can have a page here on the website for Christmas picture favorites! Let me know what you think. Dee Dee

Post Main   iwishidid@aol.com
11-25-2006 11:21:13 pm CST

Bad Hair Day

babygirl   lakefun4@charter.net
11-23-2006 06:43:06 pm CST
Happy Thanksgiving. Tell everyone we said "Hello" Hope all is going well. Rhonda & Ronnie

Post Main   iwishidid@aol.com
11-22-2006 10:09:25 pm CST

Happy Thanksgiving to all ,Richard War Eagle

Chris   chevy4x4@att.net
11-22-2006 09:31:24 pm CST
War Eagle. Happy Holidays.

Steve   Cathousemarine@aol.com
11-22-2006 12:45:48 pm CST
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends. Steve and Dee Dee, Madison and Steven. ps. Roll Tide

Fat Bastard   iwishidid@aol.com
11-19-2006 08:44:24 pm CST
Fat Bastard not Fast Bastard

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